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Designing your population health program

Let Quest help you design your population health program

Employers play a large role in health care, offering health insurance to the majority of full-time American workers.

With access to insights from clinical data, Quest Diagnostics helps more than 4,400 employers improve the health of their employees each year. With our population health solutions, companies leverage screening insights to:

  • Identify chronic disease risks
  • Connect employees to needed in-network care
  • Empower better health and reduce healthcare spending

With Quest, you and your employees are the focus

Quest Diagnostics is committed to quality, privacy, and security as we help employers improve employee health and manage healthcare costs with convenient, nationwide solutions. 

  • Over 35 employees in-house for quality and regulatory oversight
  • CLIA-certified and compliant with all state and local laws
  • 2019 Gold Workplace Health Achievement Award recipient
  • 2020 Koop Award recipient
  • All employees receive in-depth HIPAA training
  • Our participant website is NIST-certified
  • All sites are GDPR- and CCPA-complaint
  • Network of 10,000+ mobile providers for on-site screening and vaccination events
  • 2,250 nationwide Patient Service Centers for remote screening collection
  • Screening, vaccination, and health improvement services available in all 50 states

Begin designing your population health program today

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Quest Employer Population Health products and services

Quest solutions that identify employees’ health risks:

Biometric screenings

  • Quest offers a wide array of biometric screening options, including tests that help identify chronic disease risk.

Colorectal cancer screenings

  • Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths for both men and women in the US. To help improve colorectal screening compliance, Quest offers InSure® ONE™, a non-invasive Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT).

Quest Solutions that connect employees to health resources:

Virtual care

  • Quest Diagnostics offers virtual care solutions that enable employees to discuss health screening results, mental health issues, chronic conditions, and acute illnesses. Virtual care sessions help connect employees to in-network care and may be billed through claims.

On-site Health Coaching

  • After an employee completes a screening, they can complete an in-person session with a Health Coach to discuss options for health improvement. Participants can also be directed to other employer-specific well-being offerings during the health coaching session.

Quest solutions that empower employees:

Vaccination programs

  • Help protect your employees from infectious diseases, including seasonal flu and COVID-19 (coming soon). Vaccination programs are available as on-site events or as voucher programs for local retailers.

Mental health programs

  • Help employees address mental and behavioral health with real-time virtual counseling and triage into local, in-network mental health care.

Omada®-chronic condition management and prevention

  • Quest Diagnostics has collaborated with Omada® to offer digital lifestyle management programs to help your employees focus on disease prevention and manage chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.