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Due to the global information outage that occurred Friday, Quest is taking swift action to respond, recover and restore our operations. Our Patient Services are operating with reduced capacity so you may experience longer wait and service times. Our Customer Contact teams are currently unavailable. We appreciate your patience as we work toward returning to normal operations. 


Access family test results

MyQuest® helps you monitor your family's health with My Circle

If you’re a parent or a caregiver, it’s important to stay connected to your loved ones’ health and support them in making healthy decisions.

The My Circle feature in your MyQuest account makes it possible to request your family’s permission to setup and access their appointments and test results.

Build your circle


Many different family and caregiver situations are perfect for My Circle.

You may:
  • Have dependent children
  • Look after aging parents
  • Serve as a caregiver or legal guardian
  • Need someone to serve as your caregiver
Person reviewing details on tablet

Already have a MyQuest® account? Start growing your circle today.

Depending on your relationship, there are several ways to make someone part of your circle through MyQuest®. Log in to MyQuest® to add loved ones to the My Circle feature.

Why add loved ones to My Circle?

My Circle allows you to schedule appointments for those in your care and manage their test results, but there’s so much more. You’ll be able to easily access important information they might need, including during emergencies.


You can also share their information with doctors and medical staff for certain situations, like needing test results to obtain medication.

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Get started with My Circle

Stay connected to your loved ones' health with the My Circle feature in the MyQuest® app.

Build your circle
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