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Strategic and operational therapeutic areas of expertise

Our experienced team recognizes your time and effort and is committed to supporting your needs. We offer dedicated expertise in your therapeutic area and provide the highest-quality lab support services to help bring your innovative new treatments to market.

Access diagnostic and lab science expertise from Quest, including our Therapeutic Centers of Excellence: 


With Genomic & Infrastructure Services, you can access lab infrastructure and advanced genetic testing and technologies without the overhead of continuously managing, maintaining, scaling, or upgrading your operations.


We offer a vast array of testing capabilities to ensure your therapy is delivered to the right patients

  • Detect potential resistances including neutralizing antibodies against AAV vectors 
  • Identify target biomarkers
  • Determine the presence of molecular profiles associated with better outcomes in patients
  • Aid in the benefit-risk decision-making

Wide range of assays

We offer the largest test menu of any commercial lab with over 3500 clinical assays and another 1000+ RUO and IUO assays ready to be used.

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Your assay choice counts

Industry-leading expertise in drug and diagnostic codevelopment from concept through commercialization.

In collaboration with leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and in vitro diagnostic companies, we support companion diagnostic programs with a team that understands clinical development, biomarker assays, regulatory approaches, and commercialization considerations. 


Ready Day One

When it comes to the commercialization of a new therapeutic, time is of the essence. We support day one ready lab testing, education, awareness, and support programs to ensure patients can receive the therapy they need without delay. 
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Specialty labs across the US and around the world

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technology and instrumentation to provide a range of services to support your studies.

    - Genomics

    - Immunoassay

    - ELISA

    - Anatomic pathology

    - Vaccine 

    - Infectious disease

    - Chemistry

    - Hematology

    - Serology

    - PCR 

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Target diverse populations & geographies

Find and focus on geographies, sites, and providers best suited to your specific study.

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Gain access to specific patient populations including diverse populations by gender, ethnicity, and disease state.

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Regulatory, quality & compliance

We are compliant with regulatory requirements and maintain strict quality control standards to ensure the integrity of your data.

Let’s discuss your project

Contact our pharma solutions experts to design a custom program to accommodate the needs of your study.

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