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Autoimmune diseases

Aiding earlier diagnosis of autoimmune disease and better health with reliable insights, convenience, and technology

The problem of autoimmune disease is widespread and becoming more prevalent, affecting an estimated 24 million Americans in the US, many of them undiagnosed.1 Complicating matters, many autoimmune diseases present with similar yet nonspecific symptoms that in some cases can flare and remit.

As an industry leader in diagnostic testing, Quest Diagnostics is proud to support primary care physicians, and other specialty care providers with innovative autoimmune tests and panels that can help facilitate earlier detection and treatment of autoimmune diseases.

We offer over 150 specialty tests and panels backed by clinical evidence, aligned with guidelines from leading health organizations, and performed with state-of-the-art automation to reduce subjectivity and help you confidently guide clinical decisions. Quest Diagnostics brings reliable insights, convenience, and technology together so you can take action toward better health for your patients.

Innovative testing offers a faster path to wellness

Evaluating a patient’s similar, nonspecific symptoms can make autoimmune disease diagnosis a challenge. Here at Quest, we provide an easier way to identify and treat autoimmune diseases through state-of-the-art testing that can help differentiate between common conditions and expedite the right diagnosis.

Autoimmune testing essentials in primary care to guide rheumatology referrals

In this webinar, Ara H. Dikranian, MD and rheumatologist, discusses the clinical significance of diagnostic antibodies and the importance of evaluating not just for specificity, but also for common overlapping conditions. With Quest ANA cascade testing coupled with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) biomarkers, discover how our testing can screen for the more common autoimmune conditions and increase specificity for early RA.

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A comprehensive range of testing

Diagnosing and treating autoimmune diseases is complex, often resulting in an extensive diagnostic odyssey to assess family history, clinical symptom presentation, and test results before a definitive diagnosis can be reached. Quest's comprehensive menu of routine and specialized autoimmune testing, combined with our staff of more than 600 medical experts, brings clarity to this complexity.

From screening to prognosis to monitoring, we support your practice with a full range of autoimmune testing, from single biomarker tests to the most comprehensive disease panels. This includes the ANA screen with reflexes for cost-effective screening of the most common autoimmune diseases, and the ANAlyzeR™ panel for diagnosing overlapping autoimmune diseases, as well as specialty panels for myositis, systemic sclerosis, interstitial lung disease, and more.




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