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Manage lab spend

POWERING AFFORDABLE CARE through scalable lab spend solutions

As healthcare spending continues to rise, it’s imperative to identify cost-containment strategies. 

Quest Diagnostics shares your health plan's commitment to improving health outcomes in the most cost-efficient manner possible. We offer scalable solutions that can be seamlessly integrated to help you realize cost savings and reduce redundancies.

From network optimization and benefit design strategies, to member engagement approaches, examine how collaborating with Quest can help you optimize lab spend.

Network optimization

Quest can help optimize your health plan's lab network utilization to drive down costs and improve quality.

Improve network utilization

Key services offered include:

  • Leakage and redirection strategies
  • Data analysis
  • Sales force deployment, for provider outreach
  • Call center support
  • Turn-key member and provider communications

Plan sponsor solutions

Learn how groundbreaking lab spend management strategies can help overcome industry challenges facing health plans and employers.

Explore solutions

Quest connects health plans to solutions for plan sponsors, including:

  • Leakage and redirection strategies
  • Tiered-benefit plan design
  • Lab Card®
  • Employee engagement
  • Employer population health
  • Drug testing
  • COVID-19 testing

Additional lab spend management solutions

Tap into our medical expertise

With more than 600 MDs, PhDs, and genetic counselors, we offer access to a spectrum of medical expertise to help healthcare providers select the right test, for the right patient, at the right time.

  • An industry-leading team of clinical, anatomic, and genomic pathologists are available for live consultations about clinical claims, policy reviews, and professional consults with your provider network
  • Clinical partners that can consult with your providers on appropriate testing and interpretation of results, including genetic counselors who can provide specialized guidance on genetic testing
  • An education and resource center to support your network providers

White Paper

Value of lab-based genetic counseling services

Understand the value of lab-based genetic counseling services as a strategy for lab spend and test utilization management.
Doctor on phone

White paper on managing lab spend for health plans and employers

Find out how optimizing health plan lab spend can cause a positive ripple effect across other areas of the healthcare system.

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