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Diagnostic excellence

Everything your physicians need to provide the right test at the right time

Our large—and growing—menu of 3,500+ routine and esoteric tests supports screening, diagnosis, and monitoring, and companion diagnostics for precision medicine. Powered by a test directory organized by therapeutic condition and featuring clinical algorithms to guide optimal test utilization, care professionals can identify the right tests at the right time. And our test library is backed up by clinical diagnostic services designed to help you improve care and manage complexity, including our 650+ MDs, PhDs, and genetic counselors available for peer-to-peer dialogue and our robust Clinical Education Center.

More than 1,500 advanced esoteric diagnostic tests

Challenging cases require more than routine diagnostics. Quest offers an extensive esoteric testing menu, including a comprehensive genetic testing portfolio. Our QuestAdvanced™ offering is dedicated to developing science, thinking, and services to realize the promise of precision health. We continue to help move diagnosis forward through laboratory innovations in the application of next-generation gene sequencing, bioinformatics, mass spectrometry, digital pathology, and proteomics.

Add us to your clinical team

Connect your clinicians with our medical experts to improve test selection and interpretation.

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Laboratory network optimization

Using multiple reference labs can lead to duplicate services, rising costs, and confusion—none of which is helpful for providing value-based care. Working together, we can optimize your laboratory operating model, recommending the most appropriate solution based on your needs. Our best-of-breed Six Sigma program drives change that can yield improved profit margins.

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Drive efficiency with a lab stewardship program

Discover the advantages, including how Lab Stewardship can help you gain the most insights from your diagnostics to deliver the best quality care, drive down cost and complexity, and optimize testing. 

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