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Lab stewardship programs

Achieve affordable, high quality care

Lab stewardship is about gaining the most insights from your diagnostics to deliver the best quality care, drive down cost and complexity, and optimize testing. By connecting physicians, lab administrators, and medical leadership with actionable, real-time lab data, you can create a team approach to improving overall test utilization. Just imagine how helping clinicians order the right test at the right time can promote better quality of care and get you closer to the evidence-based care that improves quality metrics and financial performance.

Quest Lab Stewardship powered by hc1 can help your organization assess lab test utilization and cost, for greater insights and better outcomes.

Drive enhanced efficiency through Quest Lab Stewardship

Choose the Quest Lab Stewardship solution to meet your needs

Get valuable insights from all Quest reference testing as well as 40+ medical laboratory guidelines, sourced by clinical societies. These learnings can help you optimize lab testing and patient outcomes. Plus, monitor testing trends with dashboards on volume, spend, order insights, and COVID-19 test orders.

Quest Lab Stewardship Advisory Services helps identify opportunities and build solutions for better performance, including governance program initiation and support, opportunity assessment, simple or complex data analysis, and laboratory data improvements. And we’ll develop custom dashboards so that you can display the data that is most necessary to your system.

Quest Lab Stewardship Enterprise provides the highest levels of visibility into testing across your organization to assess, engage, and implement test utilization and optimization opportunities. We offer expanded customization options, including tailored dashboards to support better analysis and the ability to include unlimited guidelines for greater insight.

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Follow the data to better lab utilization

14 billion

Tests performed in the US each year, making testing the single highest volume medical activity1

1,700,000 dollars

Is lost by the average hospital every year from unnecessary2 testing, not including any follow-up procedures3

58+ billion

Patient data points help power Quest lab stewardship analytics

1Strengthening Clinical Laboratories. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Updated November 15, 2018. Accessed August 5, 2021.

2The term “unnecessary” refers to testing ordered for a patient whose symptoms and/or condition may not support the need for the testing under generally accepted third-party clinical guidelines. Quest Diagnostics identification of potential unnecessary testing is intended as a guide to assist providers in identifying potentially problematic ordering patterns and is not intended to replace a treating provider’s medical judgment, based upon evaluation of the patient.

3 The Learning Health Care System in America. Smith M, Saunders R, Stuckhardt L, McGinnis JM, eds. Best Care at Lower Cost: The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care in America. The National Academies Press; 2013. doi:10.17226/13444