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Collaborative Lab Solutions

Improve the health of your health system—and your patients

The last several years have challenged the healthcare industry in unprecedented ways. Your health system is likely grappling with at least one—if not all—of these nationwide problems:

Up against these challenges, where can you look to improve and enhance your service offerings without further compromising your cash flow—or patient care? One area to consider is the laboratory. Is it an asset? How can you leverage the laboratory to get a high ROI—financially, and in terms of patient outcomes and satisfaction?

70% of today’s medical decisions depend on laboratory test results, showing the important role clinical laboratories play in today’s healthcare system.3 But with an ever-growing list of laboratory tests, high laboratory costs, and a constantly changing healthcare landscape, it can be difficult to keep your lab running efficiently.

A pathway to improving patient and financial outcomes across your health system

Quest Diagnostics Collaborative Lab Solutions (Co-Lab) helps you look at your lab in a new light. Health systems can save an average of 8%-15% each year on their total laboratory spend by collaborating with a lab solutions provider to optimize lab operations.4

With broad and deep expertise across every aspect of diagnostics and hospital laboratory management, we provide a road map to help health systems reduce expenses, allowing you to allocate more resources to provide quality patient care—bringing the Triple Aim of improving patient experiences, improving the health of populations, and reducing costs to your organization.

From crisis to collaboration:

Lab's emerging role in post-pandemic health systems strategy

Review of key system strategies and the scale at which lab benefits can support them

Additional lab optimization services:

The past decade has seen steady growth in the number of hospital laboratory outreach programs serving physicians in surrounding communities. Outreach is a valuable community service but also one that can reduce your income instead of increase it, if not managed correctly.

We can help you achieve a competitive advantage with our collaborative outreach models by working together to lessen your administrative burden and help improve the profitability of your outreach testing business.

Health systems are under pressure to do more with less. We can help you determine the best ways to leverage our collective capabilities and resources—from logistics to phlebotomy to draw sites—and provide field services at fair-market value to your affiliated physician groups.

A shared services strategy also gives your health system the ability to offer a broader selection of esoteric tests—without the associated investment in advanced equipment and training.

This outreach collaboration model builds on your organization’s strengths to better serve your physicians’ and patients’ needs. With a purchase testing agreement, Quest performs billing, logistics, and phlebotomy services to complement your in-house laboratory operations. 

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