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Outage notice:

Due to the global information outage that occurred this morning, Quest is taking swift action to respond, recover and restore our operations. Our Patient Services are operating with reduced capacity so you may experience longer wait and service times. Our Customer Contact teams are currently unavailable. We appreciate your patience as we work toward returning to normal operations. 


The Quest® Cardiometabolic Center of Excellence™ at Cleveland HeartLab® specializes in prognostic and diagnostic testing for prevention, diagnosis, and management of heart disease and metabolic-associated conditions. Diagnostics tools that empower clinicians with the insights to risk stratify patients, develop early intervention strategies, and put those most at risk on a path to better health.

AmeriPath® is a leading national provider of anatomic pathology, dermatopathology and molecular diagnostic services to physicians, hospitals, clinical laboratories and surgery centers across the U.S. Through our nationally based, board certified pathology teams and integrated state-of-the-art laboratory, AmeriPath is dedicated to providing comprehensive diagnostic solutions, advanced technology and testing, and superior pathology services to regional and local medical communities. We deliver a clearer path to greater diagnostic insights. Our team of over 450 highly trained, board-certified pathologists and Ph.D. level scientists provide medical diagnostic services in outpatient laboratories owned, operated and managed by AmeriPath, as well as hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers.

Dermpath Diagnostics® is exclusively focused on providing exceptional dermatopathology services. Our Consultative Network of Dermatopathologists encompasses the diagnostic expertise of 75+ board-certified dermatopathologists led by thought leaders in dermatopathology. Our mission is to provide accurate, clear and prompt diagnoses. Through the development of strong consultative relationships with each of our referring clinicians, together we will provide the best possible care for every patient.

Since its inception, PhenoPath has been pathologist-driven. Our primary principle has never wavered: making correct diagnoses through the best practice of pathology. Dedication to excellence is in our DNA, and is reflected in every pathology report we issue. Our commitment is evident in the high level of training and expertise of our pathologists and staff, the publications of our pathologists in journals and books, and our pathologists’ participation as invited experts at national meetings. You can be assured that when you phone for information and need to speak with a pathologist, one will be available to consult with you.

Blueprint Genetics is a genetic testing company focused on inherited diseases. With a patient-first mindset, we deliver high-quality genetic testing to the global clinical community across 15 medical specialties. Blueprint Genetics is based in Helsinki and Seattle, with a customer base spanning over 70 countries.

Athena Diagnostics is a leader in diagnostic testing for neurological diseases and offers innovative tests for Alzheimer's disease, muscular dystrophy, and other neuromuscular and developmental disorders. Athena Diagnostics provides neurologists and other physicians and specialists with insights that can improve patient health. Athena provides the most comprehensive test menu and intellectual property portfolio for neurological, endocrine, and renal conditions through more than 400 diagnostic tests.