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Outreach partnerships

The power to grow your health system already exists—you call it the lab

You feel the challenge to do more for the community, increase the health of the population you serve, provide better care, and reduce costs. And these extremely difficult tasks are magnified by the relentless pace of disease—and the march of science to counter it, which seemingly reveals new technologies and processes every day. Fortunately, there is an approach which can help you achieve your multiple goals, even as you leverage the new, expensive advances in healthcare: a more strategic use of your lab.

Create an outreach partnership

Lessen your administrative burden and improve the profitability of your outreach testing business. This includes collaboration models to create efficiencies and optimize costs, including acquisition. Each model can also help improve the service offering to your physicians and patients.

"Memorial Hermann is a marquee health system nationally recognized for safe, high-quality care. Their decision to choose Quest underscores our unique ability to optimize lab strategies for health systems, with capabilities ranging from lab management and reference testing to acquisition."
- Steve Rusckowski, Quest Diagnostics Chairman, President and CEO

Broadening access to innovative, high-value lab services in Texas

Quest and Memorial Hermann executed a definitive agreement for Quest to acquire select assets which constitute substantially all the operations of Memorial Hermann Diagnostic Laboratories (MHDL), the outreach laboratory division of Memorial Hermann. Quest also will provide professional laboratory management services through a multi-year agreement for all of Memorial Hermann's 21 hospital laboratories, which provide on-site rapid response testing. Memorial Hermann will continue to wholly own these labs.

The relationship between Memorial Hermann and Quest is designed to improve access to innovative, quality, and cost-efficient diagnostic services for patients in Texas, particularly the Houston metropolitan area. 

Explore joint venture opportunities

To help health systems enhance their organizational strength and capabilities, we often form joint ventures and take co-ownership of their lab operations and related services. Current health systems in a joint venture agreement benefit from the power of the world’s largest provider of diagnostics information services.