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Discover how to identify the right genetic testing partner for your health system

There’s great promise in the power of genetic testing. But considering the spiraling costs and complexity already facing modern healthcare, leveraging these tests to promote better outcomes will require a thoughtful approach. Our eBook, Getting to better outcomes through streamlined genetic testing, reveals important considerations for finding the best genetic reference lab partner for your patients’—and health system’s—needs.



Getting to better outcomes through streamlined genetic testing offers useful insights

Read this e-book to discover:

  • A roadmap for simplifying your genetic tests
  • 3 elements any genetic testing program should include
  • How to balance various stakeholder needs within your health system  
An image of an eBook called Getting to better outcomes through streamlined genetic testing

Discover how the right genetic testing partner can help you:

  • Balance hospital performance with the cost of care
  • Reduce operational complexity
  • Build long-term, strategic relationships
  • Ensure equity and accessibility of care

Selection of the right test at the right time can help you manage:

  • Cut through the complexity of modern diagnostics
  • Simplify increasingly complex results with actionable reports
  • Provide enhanced support to your clinicians
  • Help reduce costs

Discover how the right genetic testing partner can help you:

  • Formalize a standardized approach to genetic testing
  • Make testing more accessible
  • Select appropriate tests and interpret the results 
  • Get the actionable data needed for clinical decision-making

A sensible, streamlined approach to genetic testing is here

While there are many ways to solve your genetic testing needs, a stable reference lab with scale makes sense because they offer unique benefits. A larger lab will have the staff and expertise to innovate new tests and methodologies, the ability to simplify ordering and interpretation of tests and control of costs through deep ties to the healthcare industry, and programs to reduce payment concerns for underserved patient populations. Quest Diagnostics offers all these advantages and is ready to help you make genetic testing more streamlined, accessible, and affordable.


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