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Holiday schedule

Our Patient Service Centers will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024 for the Memorial Day holiday. Have a healthy, happy holiday.


Diagnostic Support for Correctional Health

We see the gray.

Quest recognizes the extraordinary responsibility of corrections professionals in securing the safety and well-being of everyone on their watch. We also understand the importance of minimizing uncertainty in the correctional setting. When it comes to diagnostics, we bring clarity to the gray areas — so you can manage inmate health with confidence.


Navigate gray areas of inmate health with clarity and confidence

Corrections facilities across the US—including some of the nation’s largest—trust Quest for reliable, specialized support.

Day-to-Day Duties

Within a focused jurisdiction, you patrol the health and well-being of a population.

Quest provides strong, experienced support — from routine diagnostics to specialty testing — with the highest standards of specimen integrity and accurate results to help you patrol and prevent the spread of infectious disease and manage general health and wellness.
Corrections officer

Specialized Skills and Training

Only corrections professionals have the specialized, multifaceted training and skills required to do the job safely and effectively.


Quest has specialized diagnostics expertise powered by our highly skilled medical experts and leading-edge technologies. From drug monitoring and infectious disease to immunology and women’s health, we provide testing optimized for your unique needs through extensive experience serving corrections facilities of all types across the US.

Blood sample tubes

Impacting Outcomes

Corrections officers are uniquely positioned to directly impact inmate rehabilitation on an ongoing basis.


Data and insights from the Quest team give you the ability to track individual and population health over time, equipping you to identify patterns and achieve your goals for inmate health. To streamline your lab-related tasks, we offer seamless online test ordering and data management through free access to our Quanum® platform.

Preparation for receiving a shot

Managing Safety and Risk

Corrections professionals face significant risk — in a confined environment with concentrated hazard potential.


The Quest team has extensive experience on the front lines of managing risk, from working in corrections settings to battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Our seasoned, highly skilled medical experts are always just a phone call away.

Physician on telephone

Situational Awareness

Key to safety and success for corrections professionals is maintaining situational awareness — at all times, from every angle.


Diagnostic support from Quest powers unprecedented situational awareness for inmate health, with the strength of nationwide resources.

Corrections officer

Cost Management

Budget considerations add one more dimension of complexity to your processes and operations.


Through efficient utilization and strategic logistics, we drive value to help you make the most of your resources. Our proprietary data analytic management tools help to optimize your testing efficacy, providing cost savings.

Transferring Quest test samples between vehicles

Let’s meet.

Collaboration with corrections professionals across the US helps us focus our efforts and deliver the most effective support. What are your biggest health care challenges? We’d love to hear from you.

Meet us at one of these upcoming events:

Event Location Date
American Jail Association 43rd Conference & Jail Expo Fort Lauderdale, FL May 19-21 824
National Sheriff’s Association Oklahoma City, OK June 24-26 1311
NCCHC Mental Health Conference San Juan, PR July 21-22 3
NCCHC Fall Las Vegas, NV October 20-23 TBD


Manage inmate health with clarity and confidence.

Cut the costs of uncertainty with powerful diagnostic support from Quest.

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The Correctional Health team is ready to help achieve your goals with clarity and confidence. Let’s solve your biggest inmate health challenges together.

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