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Sustain laboratory efficiency and excellence amidst continual labor challenges

The healthcare industry is not immune to “The Great Resignation.”

These staffing shortages are evident in hospitals across the country, with many states experiencing critical staffing shortages.1 The impact of an understaffed laboratory reverberates throughout the organization—services are scaled back, hours are reduced, legacy knowledge and expertise is gone, remaining workers are tasked to do more with less, overtime costs for workers increase, and barriers to patient care rise.

We recognize the challenges you are facing now, and on the road ahead, to mitigate staffing issues in your laboratory and find and retain highly qualified workers. One strategy to meet these challenges includes partnering with a diagnostic lab for laboratory management. With extensive experience providing professional laboratory management services for top hospital laboratories across the country, we can help you address the staffing shortage while continuing to deliver the high-quality care your health system is known for.

Choose the laboratory management service that best meets the objectives and needs of your health system:

Laboratory management personnel moves to Quest:

  • With decades of expertise in finding, hiring, and retaining the right candidates, we alleviate your burden of finding temporary or permanent lab leadership roles, including those at a director level and above, even in the midst of staffing shortages
  • Supply chain services for lower prices on lab supplies and equipment

All laboratory personnel transition to Quest, and Quest takes on the responsibility of running the lab, including:

  • Workflow—prioritizing resources against revenue generators and balancing workflows across shifts and departments to help improve staff morale and prevent burn out
  • Efficiency—eliminating silos and empowering staff members to take on added duties without excessive micromanagement
  • Quality control—implementing proven tools, processes, and control measures that level up to broader health system objectives and improve patient care
  • Benchmarking—uncovering the data that can help laboratories objectively measure performance and inform key strategy decisions around resource allocation and staffing
  • Consolidation— shepherding the laboratory team through consolidation or integration with support and best practices, including guiding any IT integration 
  • Supply chain—dedicated processor to work with you to understand your lab’s unique needs and help you save money on lab reagents, supplies, and equipment

Collaborating to improve your laboratory management services is key to help alleviate your staffing and administrative burden. Let us help you maximize cost savings and workforce effectiveness without compromising patient care or quality of services.

From crisis to collaboration

How teams can address lab operations challenges

Review key lab challenges and assumptions that, once changed, clear the way to new opportunities to manage capacity at scale.


1. Definitive Healthcare. Addressing the healthcare shortage. October 2022. Accessed May 5, 2023.

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