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Plan sponsor solutions

Challenges facing health plans and employers

Both health plans and employers continue to face serious pressures in cost and price compression. The costs of covering care are increasing, while price and reimbursements are decreasing.

At the same time, health plans must demonstrate value in the form of improved health outcomes and member satisfaction while keeping plan premiums and member out-of-pocket cost increases to a minimum.

POWERING AFFORDABLE CARE through plan sponsor solutions

By leveraging the extensive resources at Quest, health plans play a pivotal role in helping their plan sponsors address these challenges. Quest aligns with employers and organizations to build member engagement, redirect members away from high-cost labs, and promote member health and medical adherence.

Together, we can help your plan sponsor groups control costs of care while also elevating the delivery of care for their members and employees.

Case study on driving cost-effective lab testing

Learn about cost-effective lab spend management strategies for health plans and employers.

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For employers

Organizations can find more information on lab spend management for their employees.

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Case study: driving value for plan sponsors and members

Find out how Quest Diagnostics partnered with a health plan and an employer to change employee behavior toward lab testing.

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