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Sponsored Testing

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Sponsored testing

Achieve broader reach to build actionable biomarker awareness and accelerate appropriate testing.
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Drive launch success

Through the Quest Sponsored Testing Program, you can achieve broader reach to build actionable biomarker awareness and accelerate appropriate testing. Drive launch success with education for providers while providing testing support for patients.

The program includes a customized test requestion form, branded kits, mobile specimen collection, and program utilization data and metrics.

Getting started is easy

  1. Work with us to identify the appropriate clinical test from our test catalog to match your program’s purpose
  2. Choose your desired provider participants
  3. Determine which deidentified data is to be reported and at what frequency
  4. Unique test code(s), test profiles, and/or client accounts are created to suit your program needs

Data licensing

Identify eligible patients for treatment

Use real-time de-identfied data to find the right patient at the right time for the right treatment, with licensing by cohort or disease state. Our data repository provides rich granularity into patients and providers, including:

Commercial alerts

Identify actionable moments with near real-time data

Maximize your impact when physicians order testing to confirm a diagnosis, identify patients with complex cases or rare diseases, assess appropriate therapy options, and continue to monitor a patient’s progress.




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Medical education and awareness programs

Raise your program awareness with immediate access to a broad network of healthcare providers. Our medical education and awareness programs include:


  -  Program information web pages

  -  Medical education webinars with speaker development

  -  Clinical education center articles and blogs

  -  Email awareness campaigns

  -  Social media awareness campaigns

  -  Genetic counselor training

  -  Commercial training

Convenient mobile clinical services specimen collection


mobile examiners


branch offices


exams completed annually


wellness events staffed each year

Medication adherence

Our patient support services include program information and education designed with your patients in mind. We offer compassionate health coaching and engagement that leads to better adherence and outcomes.

  • One-on-one patient to coach support across 30+ conditions
  • Non-clinical focus to complement clinical programs
  • Scalable omnichannel platform to reach more patients in a meaningful way
  • Real-time patient insights to understand needs, attitudes, and patient-reported outcomes (PROs)

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Our mission

Quest Diagnostics BioPharma Services mission is to make testing more accessible to more patients through our partnerships and sponsored testing programs. We partner with biopharma companies to offer sponsored, no-cost testing and, in some cases, genetic counseling for patients who meet eligibility criteria.

The benefits of our sponsored testing programs for patients include:

  • Increased patient access to testing options
  • Shortened diagnostic journey for rare diseases 
  • Risk identification for patients and their family members
  • Shortened time to diagnosis 
  • Increased awareness of clinical trial opportunities
  • Increased awareness of research opportunities and potential therapies

Let's discuss your project

Contact our pharma solutions experts to design a custom program to accommodate the needs of your study.

Let's talk
  • The biopharma sponsors receive de-identified patient information from these programs as well as contact information for the healthcare providers who use the programs. Quest will never share personal (identifiable) information with the sponsor unless a patient specifically authorizes us to do so.
  • Deidentified data means that any patient-identifiable information (e.g., name, date of birth, date of test, etc.) has been removed.
  • Deidentified information that is shared includes de-identified variant information.