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Due to the global information outage that occurred Friday, Quest is taking swift action to respond, recover and restore our operations. Our Patient Services are operating with reduced capacity so you may experience longer wait and service times. Our Customer Contact teams are currently unavailable. We appreciate your patience as we work toward returning to normal operations. 


Oncology Center of Excellence

Unraveling oncology's complex tapestry

Cancer care is a realm marked by constant challenges, changes, and the eternal hope of eradication. At Quest Diagnostics, we join hands with pioneers like you, endeavoring to rewrite the cancer narrative. From trailblazing research to diagnostic prowess, let us be your steadfast ally, transforming every obstacle into an opportunity for discovery and advancement.
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In-depth oncology expertise

With the support of the wider Quest Diagnostics infrastructure, collaborate with our specialized oncology teams. They're adept at both therapeutic and diagnostic development, all centered around a key goal: ensuring patients can access your essential therapy.

Disease and therapeutic area overview

Advancing breast cancer diagnostics, we join forces with pharma and diagnostic stakeholders. Harnessing next-generation biomarkers and personalized assessments, we're reshaping early detection, diagnosis, and monitoring strategies.

Navigating the intricacies of the digestive system, our comprehensive diagnostic offerings tackle both colorectal and gastrointestinal cancers. From genetic mutation assessments to metabolic pathway analyses, we work to provide clearer insights, guiding patients and clinicians towards informed therapeutic decisions.

Leukemias and lymphomas present unique diagnostic challenges. Through our exhaustive panels and state-of-the-art genetic testing, we aim to provide clarity in these intricate cases.

Timely identification is crucial in the fight against lung cancer. By integrating comprehensive genomic profiling with traditional pathology, we aim to provide a more detailed understanding, guiding tailored treatment approaches.

Championing improved patient outcomes, our diagnostic solutions cater to those grappling with pancreatic malignancies, aiding early detection and therapeutic guidance.

Our holistic suite offers a blend of early detection tests, risk stratification, and advanced molecular profiling, honing the management of prostate cancer patients.

Our robust portfolio, ranging from checkpoint inhibitor assessments to tumor mutational burden analyses, is curated to be a cornerstone in the realm of cancer immunotherapy.

Quest remains at the cutting edge of genomic medicine. Our offerings, from single-gene to whole exome sequencing, empower healthcare professionals with the tools to tackle complex malignancies.

Our mission is to elevate precision oncology. With our extensive molecular panels, we offer insights into a multitude of targetable mutations, laying the foundation for bespoke treatment regimens.

Integrated drug and diagnostic capabilities minimize delays and uncertainties

As a unique global R&D entity supporting preclinical discovery to diagnostic commercialization, our goal is to help you reach your milestones more efficiently. We prioritize seamless transitions, conserving insights and understanding as you progress through each phase.

Clinical development insights

Enhance your oncology strategy to resonate more meaningfully with the global community affected by cancer.



Healthcare provider reviewing patient test results

Companion diagnostic development

We ensure synchronicity between diagnostics and therapeutics from the get-go, optimizing both patient accessibility and your return on investment.


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Commercialization - Ready Day 1

When it comes to the commercialization of a new pharmaceutical product, time is of the essence. We support Day 1 Ready Lab testing, education, awareness, and support programs to ensure patients can receive the therapy they need without delay. 


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Unparalleled support services with Quest

Rely on Quest for a cohesive, end-to-end service experience.  Our streamlined, integrated offering combines scientific expertise, customer service, information technology, specimen collection, transport teams, and high-quality testing, including:

• Specimen collection centers

• Mobile collection units

• Expert interpretation

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Leveraging data for enhanced efficacy and precision

With access to over 60 billion lab test results, an expanding range of more than 3,500 assays, and a database encompassing approximately half of the US population, we are poised to provide you with the insights necessary for data-informed decision-making at pivotal development junctures.

  • Discerning gaps in patient care, understanding disease prevalence, assessing treatment trends, and anticipating potential outcomes to shape a more effective program framework
  • Collating pertinent, high-grade data aligned with your oncology product's target and potential indications, enhancing your trial's likelihood of success

  • Employing up-to-date clinical and molecular data to adeptly match patients to biomarker-specific clinical studies
  • Gaining a more nuanced grasp of site efficacy, courtesy of investigator site data that span a significant portion of global clinical trials

  • Undertaking in-depth analysis of cohorts delineated by therapeutic indication or explorative endpoint evaluations, such as HCP, ICD 10, diagnosis, and biomarker status
  • Facilitating faster testing through improved pipeline transparency, focused outreach, and predictive forecasting

Enhancing patient access to biomarker-focused therapies through knowledge and outreach

Tap into our vast commercialization know-how, bolstered by our versatile team. We present a rich portfolio alongside tailored partnership solutions:

  • Ready Day 1
    Ensure the diagnostic test is available operationally to complement your therapeutic upon its approval, all facilitated by Quest’s wide-ranging laboratory network
  • Biomarker enriched data solutions
    Speed up testing processes with improved pipeline transparency, targeted outreach, and forecasting, all made possible by our advanced bioinformatics
  • Lab alerts
    Boost awareness and ease the ordering process for companion or complementary diagnostic tests. This is achieved through both past and future collaborations between healthcare providers and our medical affairs division
  • Sponsored testing programs

    Enhance patient reach to your therapeutic solution by tailoring strategies to address diagnostic use hurdles, healthcare provider training, and concerns over insurance coverage
  • Patient adherence programs
    Through our Pack Health® proven solutions, we help your team achieve better adherence with an elevated patient experience and cost-effective care management

Solid tumor expanded panel

This 523-gene test helps oncologists deliver precision medicine by providing personalized genomic analysis of a patient’s tumor. The expanded panel offers the opportunity for a broader scope of genomic information. For example, it may be useful for patients with limited or ill-defined treatment options and for those considering clinical trials. The addition of tumor mutation burden (TMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI) also enable simultaneous assessment of eligibility for immune checkpoint inhibitors. Tumor profiling with next-generation sequencing allows evaluation of many genomic biomarkers simultaneously.

  • Genes covered
     523 (see complete list of genes included)

  • Analysis

  • Sample input 
    Preferred: Room-temperature, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue block containing 200 mm2 of tumor tissue with ≥ 20% tumor content (Minimum: 10 mm2 of tumor tissue with ≥ 10% tumor content)
  • Sequencing coverage 
    20,000x total coverage
  • Turnaround time 
    14 days after receipt of sample in the laboratory for prospective analysis

White paper: Navigating Biomarker-Driven Therapies in Oncology

The escalating global challenge of oncology care demands new approaches to detection, diagnosis, and treatment. 


PCR processing of samples in a 96 well plate at a biotechnology lab

White paper: Immuno-oncology: B-cell isotype switching

Our white paper offers a comprehensive overview of the potential of B-cell isotype switching as a key indicator for adenosine pathway inhibition in cancer treatment. 
The innovative medical approach of immunotherapy, harnessing the body's immune system to fight diseases like cancer more effectively. Abstract concept. Generative AI

White paper: Pathology in the era of precision medicine

Dive into the transformative world of healthcare with "Pathology in the era of precision medicine," a whitepaper that brings to light the evolving role of pathology in the age of personalized treatment. 


Cultured cells growing in a petri dish under a microscope, symbolizing advancements in biomedical research. Generative AI

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