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Neurology Center of Excellence

Navigating the future of neurology together 

Dedicated to revolutionizing neurology care, you aspire to usher in novel, life-changing therapeutics. At Quest Diagnostics, we share your passion and vision. From discovery to diagnostic commercialization, let's collaborate to turn ambitions into achievements.


We can help you design and execute clinical trials, navigate regulatory requirements, and ensure that your medicines are available to patients on day-one.

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Integrated drug and diagnostic capabilities minimize delays and uncertainties

As a unique global R&D entity supporting preclinical discovery to diagnostic commercialization, our goal is to help you reach your milestones more efficiently. We prioritize seamless transitions, conserving insights, and understanding as you progress through each phase.

Clinical development insights

Enhance your neurology strategy to resonate more meaningfully with the global community affected by neurological disorders.



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Companion diagnostic development

We ensure synchronicity between diagnostics and therapeutics from the get-go, optimizing both patient accessibility and your return on investment.





Commercialization - Ready Day One

When it comes to the commercialization of a new pharmaceutical product, time is of the essence. We support day-one ready lab testing, education, awareness, and support programs to ensure patients can receive the therapy they need without delay. 




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Unparalleled support services with Quest

Rely on Quest for a cohesive, end-to-end service experience. From scientists, customer service, information technology, specimen collection, and transport teams, to quality testing, we combine everything into a single, integrated offering, including:


• Specimen collection centers

• Mobile collection units

• Expert interpretation

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Disease and therapeutic area overview

Leveraging data for enhanced efficacy and precision

With access to over 60 billion lab test results, an expanding range of more than 3,500 assays, and a database encompassing approximately half of the US population, we are poised to provide you with the insights necessary for data-informed decision-making at pivotal development junctures.

  • Discerning gaps in patient care, understanding disease prevalence, assessing treatment trends, and anticipating potential outcomes to shape a more effective program framework
  • Collating pertinent, high-grade data aligned with your neurology product's target and potential indications, enhancing your trial's likelihood of success

  • Employing up-to-date clinical and molecular data to adeptly match patients to biomarker-specific clinical studies.
  • Gaining a more nuanced grasp of site efficacy, courtesy of investigator site data that spans a significant portion of global clinical trials.

  • Undertaking in-depth analysis of cohorts delineated by therapeutic indication or explorative endpoint evaluations, such as HCP, ICD 10, diagnosis, and biomarker status.
  • Facilitating faster testing through improved pipeline transparency, focused outreach, and predictive forecasting.

Enhancing patient access to biomarker-focused therapies through knowledge & outreach

Tap into Quest's vast commercialization know-how, bolstered by our versatile team. We present a rich portfolio alongside tailored partnership solutions:

Ensure the diagnostic test is available operationally to complement your therapeutic upon its approval, all facilitated by our wide-range of laboratory networks.

Speed up testing processes with improved pipeline transparency, targeted outreach, and forecasting, all made possible by Quest Diagnostics bioinformatics expertise.

Boost awareness and ease the ordering process for companion or complementary diagnostic tests. This is achieved through both past and future collaborations between healthcare providers and our medical affairs division at Quest.

Enhance patient reach to your therapeutic solution by tailoring strategies to address diagnostic use hurdles, healthcare provider training, and concerns over testing coverage.

Through the Pack Health proven white-label solution, strive for better adherence, an elevated patient experience, and cost-effective care management.

Biomarker discovery & confirmation

Rely on our scientific expertise and extensive global lab testing capabilities. Our aim is to complement your translational team and assist in crafting a holistic neurology biomarker approach. Together, we'll pinpoint and cultivate suitable biomarkers to refine your clinical development plans.
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QUEST AD-Detect™ blood-based Alzheimer’s disease (AD) risk assessment portfolio:

Assess AD risk with a simple, accessible, and affordable blood test.

QUEST AD-Detect™ Amyloid Beta 42/40 Ratio, Plasma

This test is used to assist in the differential diagnosis of AD and establishes a baseline and monitors over time. Our high-precision assay, using a simple blood sample, is the same type of assay shown to be as effective as traditional standard of care methods, such as cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) testing and amyloid positron emission tomography (PET) scans.



A doctor talking to a female patient about test results

QUEST AD-Detect™ Apolipoprotein (ApoE) Isoform

Apolipoprotein E (ApoE), the primary brain apolipoprotein, is a biomarker for AD that can be found in the blood or CSF. The presence of an E4 allele is associated with both increased disease risk and decreased average age of onset compared with E2 or E3 alleles.


Can be ordered alongside other tests in the QUEST AD-Detect portfolio, such as QUEST AD-Detect Amyloid Beta 42/40, for a more robust risk assessment.




An image of a laboratory professional holding a test tube filled with blood.

Pharma capabilities and expertise

  • In-depth neurology expertise
With the support of the wider Quest Diagnostics infrastructure, collaborate with our specialized neurology teams. They're adept at both therapeutic and diagnostic development, all centered around a key goal: ensuring patients can access your essential therapy
  • Science & technology
Our scientific team is at the forefront of neurological evolution, harnessing the latest technologies for testing and profiling
  • Operational excellence
Our vast global laboratory network spans myriad disciplines, underpinned by a relentless drive for automation and flawless sample logistics
  • Regulatory insight
Count on our seasoned regulatory advisors, adept at strategizing and engaging in pivotal discussions with agencies across major global territories
  • Data analysis
Our expertise is in analyzing extensive data sets, aiming to provide real-world evidence that can aid in improving both therapeutic and diagnostic development
  • Medical affairs
Our medical affairs department is on hand to offer scientific support, education, and insights into Quest Advanced Neurology recent developments
  • Commercialization
Our team is dedicated to accelerating patient access to your biomarker-based therapy, primarily through healthcare provider education and sponsored testing programs

Overview sheet

Info sheet: companion diagnostics

Get an overview of the services and technology we offer, plus additional information about how our team of experts can accelerate your targeted therapy programs.
Pharma Companion Dx SS

White paper

Accelerating Alzheimer’s Therapy Innovation

The escalating global challenge of Alzheimer's Disease demands new approaches to detection, diagnosis, and treatment. 
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On-demand webinar

Revolutionizing Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials Using a Blood-Based Diagnostic Test for Participant Identification



X-Talks Webinar - Dr. Michael Racke

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Contact our pharma solutions experts to design a custom program to accommodate the needs of your study.

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Accelerating Alzheimer’s Therapy Innovation: The Power of Blood-Based Biomarkers

Learn more: download our whitepaper

On-demand webinar

Revolutionizing Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials Using a Blood-Based Diagnostic Test for Participant Identification

Learn more: watch the webinar