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White paper - Accelerating alzheimer’s therapy innovation

Neurology Center of Excellence White Paper

Accelerating alzheimer’s therapy innovation: The power of blood-based biomarkers

The escalating global challenge of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) demands new approaches to detection, diagnosis, and treatment. 


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Our latest white paper, "Accelerating alzheimer’s therapy innovation: The power of blood-based biomarkers," delves into recent advancements in the AD diagnostic landscape.

Discover how blood-based biomarkers are reshaping AD therapy by:

  • Simplifying diagnosis: Uncover the non-invasive, painless procedures that are making early detection more accessible

  • Promoting early intervention: Explore how blood-based tests enable proactive measures, even before symptoms appear

  • Facilitating longitudinal monitoring: Learn how continuous tracking of disease progression paves the way for personalized therapeutic strategies

  • Boosting cost-effectiveness: Find out how this accessible approach is more economically viable, promoting widespread adoption

This comprehensive paper delves into the critical role of blood-based biomarkers in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD). It explores the global impact of AD, examining the prevalence and societal challenges, and underscores the urgent need for early detection and intervention. 

The paper also outlines Quest Diagnostics pioneering work in AD diagnostics, including the innovative AD-Detect™ Amyloid Beta 42/40 Ratio test, and presents a detailed comparison of blood-based testing with traditional imaging and CSF methods. With a focus on accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and patient care, it paints a vivid picture of how blood-based biomarkers are reshaping the field of neurological diagnostic testing and accelerating Alzheimer's therapy.


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