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Our Patient Service Centers will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024 for the Memorial Day holiday. Have a healthy, happy holiday.


The Quest Diagnostics participant platform

As corporate wellness programs evolve, so does the need for increasingly flexible and sophisticated technologies that support complex biometric screening programs. The Quest Diagnostics platform, Wellness Engine™, meets this need with an easy-to-use participant platform, updated reporting capabilities, increased program flexibility, and enhanced customization options.

An improved, user-friendly participant experience

The participant platform provides an innovative participant experience with responsive design elements for effective use on any device and easy-to-follow registration instructions. Additionally, the platform acts as a one-stop-shop for all participant scheduling needs. Individuals are able to schedule screenings at on-site events or a Patient Service Center (PSC), download a personalized Physician Results Form, or request self-collection materials.

Additionally, participants will have access to online and print-ready PDF versions of their results via the platform. Participants also have access to their year-over-year data allowing for personal data comparisons to promote health improvement.

Other participant experience enhancements include:

  • Responsive design for ease of use on any device
  • A Physician Results Form upload feature, which allows individuals to upload their Physician Results Form information directly into Wellness Engine
  • The availability of interactive online reporting with MyGuide to Health™ and MyHealth Profile™ reports
  • The ability to guide the participant experience based on their demographic information, such as limiting spouses to exclusively schedule at PSCs
  • Automated emails that drive participation at certain timely intervals, confirm appointments, and remind participants about their appointments
  • The option to evaluate screening results and communicate status of Outcome-Based Rewards using our proprietary Rewards Engine
  • The ability to prompt rescreening options to eligible participants based on eligibility rules or previous results that meet client specific criteria

Action from Insight

The value of yearly screenings

These screening participants tell their stories about how their employer-sponsored wellness screenings changed their lives. 

Updated reporting capabilities

The Quest Diagnostics platform also offers updated reporting capabilities for administrators, third parties, and participants. Administrators now have access to an expansive suite of on-demand reports to keep track of participation in all facets of a program. Additionally, the new platform has the capability to send these reports to client administrators via automated, secure email at a variety of frequencies.

Client administrators can also view registration for on-site events in real time, allowing them to target population subsets to fill remaining screening appointments. All data interfaces for third-party screening data feeds have been enhanced to include new options for the frequency of delivery and more flexible data format options. MyGuide to Health™ and MyHealth Profile™ reports include interactive, online results interpretations that visually display the impact on a participant’s health if a result changes. Employers also have the capability to include custom content that reinforces other company-specific well-being program goals.

Increased program flexibility

The participant platform has a multitude of unique features that allow complex programs to be managed simply and flexibly. Multiple screening modalities can be used within one program, including on-site fingerstick and/or venipuncture, PSC-based venipuncture, and Physician Results Forms. The platform also provides clients with aggregate reporting at the end of the program that includes comprehensive data from all screening modalities.

Programs can also be configured with rule sets based on eligibility to target subsets of employer populations. For example, rule sets can show on-site events to employees while only giving spouses the option to schedule at a PSC. Participant records can also be mapped to on-site events, ensuring that participants see events taking place at their worksite.

Enhanced customization options

The platform allows employers to customize the scheduler, supporting the inclusion of employer logos, incentive information, and other pre-appointment reminders. A customization guide is available to all employers, detailing which aspects of the system are customizable. Employers can add specific instructions for participants, such as fasting instructions, incentive information, or other program-specific directions.

A suite of participant emails is also available to employers. When email addresses are provided in the eligibility file, Quest Diagnostics can customize and distribute emails on the employers’ behalf.

These emails are:

  • A free communication vehicle to supplement program communications
  • An effective way to boost participation
  • Targeted to specific subsets of a population, such as those who can screen at a PSC or those who have not yet scheduled

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Enhancing on-site screenings with Qscreen™

The Quest Diagnostics Qscreen™ iPad® application simplifies the on-site fingerstick screening experience, reduces paperwork, improves data quality, and speeds up the processing of participant results. Not only can participants receive their online results within hours of their on-site screening screenings, results data is also available to authorized third parties in as little as 1-2 days.

With Qscreen, participants can schedule their appointment up to the time right before the event, and, since the participant portal is a responsive design site (meaning the site fits the screen size of the device being used), screening participants can even schedule their on-site screening appointment for an open timeslot on their mobile device right before attending the event.

With screenings from Quest, individuals have access to: