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Why is leadership buy-in important?

Senior managers play a significant role in supporting a well-being program. Primarily, they are advocates for the program and support investing money in population health.

Additionally, senior leaders also have a significant influence on organizational culture and can drive support for employee wellness. By being a visible participant they can help establish the importance of this initiative and also reduce employee concerns about the privacy and confidentiality of the information collected.

Promoting participation to direct reports and incentivizing for screening participation is another way managers can boost screening participation and increase employee engagement. Quest Diagnostics offers sample leadership communications and talking points that can be used to show support for, and encourage participation in biometric screenings and related health improvement programs.

The data is clear

Biometric screenings, combined with lifestyle intervention, help employees prevent high-cost health conditions. And we have the data to help you make the case to senior management.

Privacy is key

We know how important it is to be able to inform leaders and participants of how their data will be protected. That’s why our Privacy Officer has detailed how we protect participant data in a document you can share with leadership and employees. 

Download the message from our Privacy Officer to learn more.

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The stories are real

Testimonials are a great way to share the value of well-being programs with senior managers and participants, alike. Watch the video below for a few testimonials from screening participants. 

Action From Insight

Are yearly biometric screenings valuable?

These screening participants tell their stories about how understanding their laboratory data changed their lives. 

See how Quest can help you tailor service offerings to fit the needs of your employee population.

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