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What are incentives?

Incentives are a powerful catalyst for positive change. Our rewards engine is a highly configurable, incentive-management platform that increases employee engagement and helps your wellness dollars work harder. There are two types of incentive programs: Activity-Based Rewards and Outcome-Based Rewards. Activity-Based Rewards provide an automated way to score and deliver pass/fail participant status based on completion of wellness activities as part of your organization’s population health program. Outcome-Based Rewards help promote targeted behavior change based on measured values from biometrics and laboratory tests.

Offering an incentive for screening participation and/or health improvement is a well-being program best practice.

Why are incentives important?

Offering incentives as part of your health screening program helps participants achieve their individual health goals by incentivizing them to make incremental health improvements each year. In turn, your wellness screening program will have a higher rate of participation, and you will receive more meaningful population-level insights into your company’s potential health risks and future healthcare-related costs.

Offering incentives without breaking the bank

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