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Employer-sponsored on-site flu vaccinations

Why are flu shots important?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seasonal flu in the United States results in over 200,000 hospitalizations and accounts for over $10 billion in healthcare expenses each year. Additionally, the flu is the reason behind 75 million sick days per year, costing employers over $16 billion in lost productivity. Employers can help their employees stay healthy while lowering healthcare costs by providing complimentary flu shots.

A flu shot protects individuals against the influenza virus strains that scientific research indicates to be most common during the upcoming season. Flu shot effectiveness can vary, but even during years when flu shot effectiveness is reduced, vaccination offers substantial benefits, including a reduction in severe flu outcomes (like hospitalization or death).

By offering flu shots to your employees, you can:

  • Provide employees with a no-cost, convenient means to get immunized
  • Improve vaccination rates in your employee population
  • Reduce the risk of absenteeism from flu-related symptoms
  • Create a more productive environment throughout flu season
  • Reduce healthcare spending on flu-related claims
"Seasonal flu is the reason behind 75 million sick days per year, costing employers over $16 billion in lost productivity."

How to offer flu shots to employees

Flu shots are among the most common employer-sponsored well-being services. Rather than contracting and planning with a separate vendor to offer flu shots to your employees, you can add flu shots to your current Quest Diagnostics contract.

Employers may now add flu shots to on-site screenings (held September through December) or as a standalone program with flu shot vouchers. With Quest Diagnostics it is easy for clients to expand the scope of the preventive services they offer employees as part of their population health program.

Download the Flu Shot Brochure for more information. To see how Quest can help you tailor flu shot offerings to fit the needs of your employee populations, contact us.

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