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Innovative pan-cancer solutions for solid tumors that guide treatment decisions

Quest Advanced™ solid tumor solutions combine state-of-the-art solid tumor genetic sequencing with powerful data analysis to provide a wide range of highly personalized information to help inform diagnosis and treatment.

Helping make solid tumor oncology testing more actionable and accessible

Advanced solutions

  • A broad oncology test menu available, including pan-tumor and cancer-specific panels
  • Comprehensive health plan coverage to help reduce patient financial responsibility
  • Easy access to Quest oncology experts for consultation and results interpretation

Enhanced services

  • Block retrieval program for when the sample is not on hand
  • Prior authorization and patient financial assistance programs available
  • Dedicated customer service team available at 1.833.773.1441

Comprehensive guideline-driven panels

Solid Tumor Expanded Panel

The Solid Tumor Expanded panel provides a full molecular tumor profile that includes 500+ genes associated with a broad spectrum of cancers. These insights can help guide therapy selection and likely expand the pool of potential clinical trials.

Solid Tumor Core Panel

Quest offers the 49-gene Solid Tumor Core Panel to help physicians choose the most appropriate therapy for their patients based on the mutations found in the individual’s tumor sample DNA.