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Holiday schedule

Our Patient Service Centers will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024 for the Memorial Day holiday. Have a healthy, happy holiday.


Powering definitive diagnoses for your patients

According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancers are the most common cancers, and Quest is committed to helping you and your patients make informed choices with diagnostics for every stage of the patient’s cancer journey.

Quest offers a comprehensive menu of skin cancer diagnostics solutions, including a network of over 75 dermatopathologists through our subsidiary, Dermpath Diagnostics®. Our decision-support tools help you find the best treatment plan, whether by aligning with standard of care and clinical trial options, or by helping you navigate new and emerging therapies beyond current standards of care.

Here’s some of the ways we’re helping you and your patients illuminate the path forward:

Dermatopathology Services

Dermpath Diagnostics can power your patient care with personalized skin diagnostics from our accessible network of over 75 board-certified dermatopathologists. Our consistent turnaround time, detailed report results, and 1-on-1 consultations light the way to the optimal treatment path, so you can provide your patients peace of mind with confidence in quality and timely insights.

Self-care screening patient education

Early detection of skin cancers and disorders could lead to better long-term outcomes. To support you and your patients, Quest Diagnostics offers an extensive patient education program to help with early detection of melanoma and other skin disorders. Visit for specific steps that patients can take to conduct self-exams and identify spots that may need to be evaluated by a dermatologist.
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Comprehensive testing menu

Our breadth of clinical, dermatopathology, and advanced testing is built to help provide you and your patients with the insights needed to make the most informed decisions. Some of the key tests available include:


  • Pre-biologics panel
  • ANA Cascade with IdentRA®
  • Quantiferon
  • T-SPOT®.TB

Advanced testing

  • MelanomaSEQ
  • MelanomaSEQPlus
  • BRAF testing for metastatic melanoma


  • Histopathologic evaluation by H&E stains
  • Special stains (groups 1 and 2)
  • Immunoperoxidase stains
  • Direct and indirect immunofluorescence
  • Mycology analysis by PAS and/or fungal culture


  • Bacteriology (select locations)
  • B cell and T cell gene rearrangement studies
  • Frozen sections (select locations)
  • HPV typing (high- and low-risk)

With Quest, you and your patients have access to comprehensive skin diagnostic tests and services from a single trusted source.