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Governance, ethics, and compliance

What are the guiding principles of Quest Diagnostics? First and foremost, we’re a patient-centric company. The work we do impacts the lives of people, so we hold ourselves to a rigorous standard. We also conduct our business in a transparent and forthright manner. That said, we invite you to learn more.

Corporate governance

There are two main drivers of corporate performance — financial results and the behavior that produces the results. We aim for both strong results and high ethical behavior. Click here to view Quest's corporate governance guidelines.

Ethics and compliance

The Code of Ethics describes the standards of business conduct required of all Quest Diagnostics employees, executive officers and directors. This Code reflects our Company's Vision and Values.

Enterprise risk management

Taking risks is an important part of doing business. Managing them is just as critical. That's why we have a formal, company-wide risk management program in place.

License and accreditations

Accreditation/certificates are held by Quest Diagnostics Clinical Trials Laboratories in Europe and the US and in our Alliance Laboratories located in Australia, Singapore and South Africa. See our list of accreditation/certificates.

Commitment to quality

We are leading the charge to raise the quality of healthcare delivery in the United States. Quality is not just our commitment, it is our passion.