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Technology to nurture your healthcare organization


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Content and Document Management, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Technology to nurture your healthcare organization

It is critical for hospitals and health systems to ensure healthcare technologies are in place that can help increase efficiency and improve patient care.

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Patient scheduling information and referrals arrive at hospitals from many sources, destined for multiple departments, making it important to adopt a platform that offers advanced search capabilities to help retrieve documents more easily. For example, rather than manually sorting and routing patient referrals arriving via fax, our Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) utilizes optical character recognition (OCR), enabling a health system to quickly classify the incoming documents and route them to the correct department for processing.

Healthcare organizations have the opportunity to improve their processes with an enterprise document management system built specifically to address the unique needs of their business, focusing on helping to improve care, providing a better patient experience, and reducing costs. An effective document management system is more than an electronic filing cabinet: it’s a gateway to realizing the inherent potential of the data. The system stores, manages, tracks, and integrates structured and unstructured content, from both the front and back offices, inside and outside of the hospital.

Additionally, our Enterprise Search functionality facilitates the discovery of structured and unstructured content. With this feature, your organization can immediately benefit from data enrichment, support for multiple data formats, native views of files, conceptual search, and personalization and knowledge management.

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Page Published: April 28, 2023
Page Updated: 07-Jul-2022

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