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Optimize healthcare data

Data capture and imaging    

Quanum® Enterprise Content Solutions enables organizations to manage paper and digital content throughout the healthcare enterprise with Intelligent Data Capture (IDC). IDC uses a patented technology that accelerates both automated and manual document-related workflows. 

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"Enterprise Content Solutions, with its Intelligent Data Capture, helps improve workflow across the health system by providing seamless access to data."
- Senior Technology Manager, Leading Pediatric Health System

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Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions have helped hospitals, health systems, and large ambulatory groups embrace enterprise content management efficiently and easily. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what our customers have to say.

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To learn how to better optimize healthcare content, including the benefits of managing administrative and patient data using IDC, download our white paper, Healthcare Innovation with Content Capture.


Deliver efficiencies to your organization

Any content, whether related to patient records or other business operations, is able to be managed and subsequently classified and routed for processing based upon configured rules with IDC. Through supervised machine learning and process automation, your healthcare organization will be better able to transform your data, maximize efficiency, and reduce costs.

Whether paper, an electronic fax, or other format, IDC quickly and accurately captures the content and delivers to the appropriate systems for immediate access.

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View a short demonstration of how Intelligent Data Capture can help your organization achieve its goals, including handling additional volume without added staff.

See how Intelligent Data Capture can dramatically improve the process of capturing and extracting meaningful information to help boost productivity and data-driven outcomes.

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Forms management

Delivers full integration, enabling cost control and retirement of stand-alone form applications.

Systems integrations

Allows users to stay within their respective workflow and primary systems for seamless, unified access to their complete clinical and business records.

Business process management & automation

Improves workflows across the enterprise through automation. Data is delivered to users at critical points within a process to elevate efficiencies.

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