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Features & capabilities

Quanum® Enterprise Content Solutions enables hospitals, health systems, and large ambulatory groups to achieve enterprise-wide content management to promote better patient care, enhance operational efficiencies, and reduce the overall cost of healthcare. Deliver a single solution to efficiently manage all content, elevating access across the enterprise and automating processes. Enterprise Content Solutions provides users with the right access, in the right systems, at the right time.

Discover the robust capabilities of Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions

Data capture and imaging    

Automates content intake, reduces quality review processes, and drives workflow automation using a patented technology.

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Forms management 

Delivers full integration, enabling cost control and retirement of stand-alone form applications via the Intelligent eForms and Forms On-demand features.

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Systems integrations

Allows users to stay within their workflow and primary systems for seamless, unified access to their complete clinical and business records.

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Business process management

Improves workflows across the enterprise through automation. Data is delivered to users at critical points within a process to elevate efficiencies.

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Enterprise search

Turns structured and unstructured content into valuable information to unlock your information and accelerate insight discovery.

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Learn more about how to maximize content management within various departments to streamline the patient journey.

Discover how Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions can help unify your content ecosystem and automate essential processes to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and improve the patient experience.

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