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5 things to consider when switching your document management system


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5 things to consider when switching your document management system

The healthcare information technology (HIT) landscape is constantly changing. In recent years, mergers and acquisitions have reshaped the document management system (DMS) options available to hospitals and health systems. Innovations in technology and best practices have many healthcare organizations evaluating their current applications and potentially looking for a change.

If you are currently using a DMS that is lacking in development and unlikely to take advantage of current trends, consider a proactive approach to the transformation of your healthcare organization and review your available options. Rather than being forced to move to a document management system that may not meet your needs, invest time and resources to ensure the system meets your long-term objectives.  

Achieving value-based care objectives in a modern healthcare enterprise demands a calculated approach to content management. It is important to select the DMS platform best suited for your business. Consider the background and qualifications of each DMS vendor to ensure you can work with them to drive your desired results.

When evaluating a change in your DMS, here are 5 attributes to consider:

  1. Be connected. With the management of patient data, it is critical to select a vendor that is healthcare-focused with trusted connections to the greater healthcare ecosystem. Internal connectivity is key for gathering clinical data, and also for sharing relevant information with your HR and finance departments, as well as across your entire enterprise.
  2. Be configurable. You don’t want a cookie-cutter solution—you want one that can be designed to work the way your organization works. You want dynamic flexibility to accommodate various organizational needs. Teams should easily be able to implement processes that increase efficiency. Don’t be saddled with a restrictive system that doesn’t allow workflow changes down the line.
  3. Be scalable. Look for a DMS that can grow with your evolving needs. It should offer affordable expansion when your requirements change. Look for a developer that has the in-house expertise and tools to rapidly develop and deploy practical interfaces.
  4. Be confident. Choose a DMS vendor that has intimate knowledge and experience with healthcare. Working with a provider that can speak the same technical language as your technology leaders can assist with your overall organizational goals, including financial savings, efficiency gains, and risk mitigation. Consider a vendor that has a proven track record, with a long history of offering award-winning technology to connect healthcare organizations, physicians, and patients.
  5. Be supported. When you’re selecting your DMS, it’s crucial to evaluate the level of service and support you’ll get not only during the sale, but with training, implementation, and onward. Ensure the vendor has dedicated service, support, and implementation teams that work collaboratively and that they can serve as your knowledge base to answer any and all questions you have.

For more than 25 years, Quanum® Enterprise Content Solutions (ECS) by Quest Diagnostics has helped healthcare organizations activate their content through dedicated, agile, and attentive support. We empower hospitals and health systems to integrate patient and operational data to achieve enterprise-wide content management. Our software and services help support and improve patient care, drive operational efficiencies, and lower costs—essentially making data more accessible for those who need it, while helping to reduce costly maintenance.

We employ a team-based approach to development and implementation that allows us to rapidly create and customize software to meet the unique needs of each customer. Whether transitioning data from an existing DMI system or establishing a new enterprise content management strategy, our specialists will work closely with you to build a system that fits your specific needs.

To learn more about how Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions can help your organization harness its data, schedule a personalized demo or contact us today.

Quanum ECS has helped healthcare organizations activate their content through dedicated, agile, and attentive support.
Page Published: April 28, 2023
Page Updated: 12-Apr-2022