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Working together to support your fully integrated genomics program

Whatever your mission or ambition, Genomic & Infrastructure Services helps ensure that you have the tools, expertise, and infrastructure to deliver consistently high-quality analyses and support. Our experience and scale offer your lab access to advanced instrumentation and up-to-date bioinformatics, supported by a staff of specialists in genomic and proteomic analysis and lab operations.

Regardless of your molecular testing needs, you can count on access to the right technology, methodologies, and technicians, tailored to your particular application or service offering. 

"With Genomic & Infrastructure Services, you can access lab infrastructure without the overhead of continuously managing, maintaining, scaling, or upgrading your operations."
- Ryan Serra, PhD, Genomics

A comprehensive solution

Genomic & Infrastructure Services can provide a full suite of DNA and RNA analytical services: 

  • Collection
  • Extraction
  • Microarrays
  • Clinical sub-exome/targeted panels
  • Long-read assays
  • Whole exome sequencing
  • RNA/transcriptome sequencing
  • Whole genome sequencing

We also offer all of the enabling capabilities for managing your samples and data:

  • Specimen logistics
  • Biobanking
  • Bioinformatics
  • International support
  • Disease area expertise

Tap into the deep knowledge and experience of the Genomic & Infrastructure Services team to create proprietary assays and panels and integrate them within your existing program or offer.

Working within your regulatory compliance framework

Genomic & Infrastructure Services testing is performed within CAP/CLIA accredited laboratories and is available as either Research Use Only (RUO) or CLIA LDT depending on your testing needs and your analytical testing system. We can also work with your regulatory group to support LDT submissions for any unique testing protocols or methodologies we develop on your behalf.

2 different service models

For clinical labs looking for a turnkey solution, we can provide a seamless integrated solution from specimen collection to findings, including patient reporting. The diagram below is an example of how that might look in a typical clinical genetics application, but each Genomic & Infrastructure Services program is tailored to your particular needs.

For precision health businesses specializing in advanced data analytics, Genomic & Infrastructure Services can help fill gaps in expertise and complement staff skillsets. 

Specialty lab collaboration example

This example of a representative Genomic & Infrastructure Services partnership offers an overview of the different ways that we can support your specialty lab.

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