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Offer on-demand, text-based virtual care with 98point6®

Virtual care can help drastically increase your employees’ access to care, no matter where they live or work. On-demand, virtual primary care from 98point6® is now available as part of Quest’s employer population health offerings, to help you connect your employees to the right care at the right time.

Why offer employees virtual care through 98point6?

98point6 provides virtual care for primary care conditions and acute concerns, as well as support to manage chronic conditions with individuals in conjunction with their primary care provider. By offering this 24/7 access to care, you can:

  • Reduce costs: Drive earlier intervention to avoid costly ER and urgent care visits to reduce the downstream total cost of care.
  • Increase engagement: Empower employees to take charge of their health by eliminating barriers of traditional in-person care including cost and lack of access.
  • Exceed expectations: Boost satisfaction and better meet the needs of today’s workforce with convenient on-demand primary care that’s available on your employees’ terms.

The 98point6 difference

Biometric screenings set a yearly baseline for understanding health risks and clinical results. Virtual care offers quality care that is accessible from anywhere.

  • Participants have 24-hour access to support and care
  • Board-certified physicians can prescribe medications and order additional laboratory testing as needed
  • Personalized treatment plans are developed for each individual based on their unique needs

Increase access to care

On-demand, text-based primary care

With 98point6, employees can ask a board-certified physician questions about their screening results, chronic conditions, and acute illnesses. 

Virtual primary care program options

When looking to offer virtual care to your employees, there are 2 options to choose from: basic and unlimited.


  • Individuals must complete a screening in order to have access to virtual care
  • Allows screening participants to have access to on-demand text-based care for 3 months
  • The 3-month subscription starts the day the individual receives their results
  • Included in select at-home collection screenings at no additional cost
  • Available as an add-on to screenings completed on-site, at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center, or with a Physician Results Form
  • No encounter fees: unlimited visits during the 3-month time frame


  • All individuals have access to virtual care, regardless of if they have completed a screening
  • Expanded coverage: Allows individuals to have access to 98point6 for 12 months
  • The 12-month subscription starts after contracting with Quest Diagnostics is completed
  • Billing is conducted on a monthly basis for all eligible individuals
  • No encounter fees: unlimited visits during the 12-month time frame
  • Engagement marketing support: quarterly marketing campaigns to drive utilization, with customized planning and materials available (5K+ individuals)
  • More robust reporting: monthly reporting for groups (100+ individuals) including information on clinical details, utilization, patient experience and usage

The participant experience

During the active subscription period, employees have access to the 98point6 app and text-based care on a 24/7 basis. Individuals simply download the application on a smart device and can connect with a board-certified physician within a matter of minutes. Individuals can reach out with questions about their screening results and much more. Physicians can diagnose, treat, order additional bloodwork, and prescribe medications.

For more information about adding on-demand, text-based care from 98point6 to your biometric screening program, contact us.

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Connect employees to quality, affordable care

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