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The Global Diagnostics Network (GDN)

Enhancing diagnostic insights to address worldwide health challenges and improve local patient care

Healthcare systems around the world are designed for local service delivery, yet diagnostic innovations and discoveries are occurring daily around the globe. These breakthroughs can remain localized and unshared.

The Global Diagnostics Network (GDN) is a strategic working group of diagnostic laboratories, each committed to unleashing and sharing local innovation to increase global access to diagnostic science and services — ultimately generating diagnostic insights and enhancing global healthcare.

Analysis of Half a Billion Lipid Tests from Five Continents Reveals Wide Variation of Lipid-Associated Risk of Heart Disease by Country and Sex

Global Diagnostics Network analyzed half a million lipid tests results of patients living in 17 countries. The results, published in European Heart Journal, show that where a person lives can influence their risk of cardiovascular disease. Read the key findings here

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GDN members

GDN members are some of the world’s leading diagnostics companies across the globe, operating at the highest professional standards. Collectively, this worldwide community of 12 healthcare companies has a presence in countries with two-thirds of the world’s population, and over 90% of the global pharmaceutical market.

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Quest co-authored publication earns key accolade from CDC

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