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Quest Diagnostics Global Markets

Increasing global access to diagnostic science, information, and services

About Global Markets

Quest has had an international presence for over 30 years through institutions such as Nichols Institute® and Cleveland HeartLab®.  Today,  Global Markets delivers advanced diagnostics, wellness, and population health solutions to the world by leveraging Quest’s portfolio of esoteric laboratories and advanced analytic and reporting capabilities.  International clients have access to:

  • A comprehensive and innovative test menu with over 3,500 tests
  • Clinical excellence and expertise
  • World-class connectivity

Our international operations team serves hospitals and laboratories in over 50 countries every year.  The Global Markets team provides sales and marketing support and support to international clients.

The Global Diagnostics Network

Quest launched the Global Diagnostic Network (GDN) in 2018.  The Global Diagnostics Network is a strategic working group of diagnostic laboratories across major regions, each committed to unleashing and sharing local innovation to increase global access to diagnostic science, information, and services.

The GDN enables sharing of best practices among top scientific minds internationally.  The network aims to accelerate the development and delivery of advanced diagnostics and ultimately generate enhanced diagnostic insights to improve the delivery of global healthcare.

GDN initiatives are designed to have a positive health impact locally and globally The GDN’s initial areas of focus are:

  • Global launch platform for therapies that require a companion diagnostic, or benefit from a complementary diagnostic
  • Creation of an emerging pathogen preparedness network to enable a rapid and proactive response to emerging infections around the world

Collectively, this worldwide community of nine leading healthcare companies has a presence in countries with two-thirds of the world’s population, and over 90% of the global pharmaceutical market.   


Quest Diagnostics Mexico

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