Precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account an individual's specific genotype (contribution from the genes), environmental factors, and life style which leads to manifestation of the disease*.

It moves away from the "one size fits all" approach towards treatment options that consider a person’s molecular profile.

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National Precision Medicine Initiative

The core value of precision medicine is to understand the cause or contribution towards the disease which could be detected by an alteration in patient's DNA or expression of proteins. Precision medicine helps optimize the clinical outcomes by identifying the correct patients with specific diagnostic tests prior to delivering the treatment. In effect, precision medicine delivers the right treatment for the right patient at the right time eventually leading to lower healthcare costs. Quest Diagnostics offers unparalleled scale and a unique value proposition geared for precision medicine making us a great partner to help you deliver quality care to your patients.

Quest Diagnostics offers unparalleled scale and unique ability to ensure you are have one of the best partners to work with

  • Our core competencies include technical, medical and scientific knowledge, with broad coverage and high test volumes. We have the largest team of pathologists and medical directors across medical sub-specialty and technology areas
  • Broad test menu that covers companion, complementary, and pharmacogenomic diagnostic tests
  • We work with all IVD manufacturers to provide the latest technology platforms.
  • We have end-to-end offering capability. Q2 Solutions and Quest combine their expertise to offer an optimal partnership from preclinical support through global commercialization
  • Breadth of experience from IVD development to commercial launch
  • Our outreach engages 30-50% of providers and consumers in the US
  • Healthcare technology and mobile integration using MyQuest™ (consumer) and Quanum™ eLabs (provider)
  • Genetic Counseling and health plan reimbursement services
  • Data analytics to guide and refine commercialization
  • Upfront analytics to understand real world utilization and access
  • Operational and logistics of testing services to reach US population
  • Commercial programs to appropriately drive testing demand
  • Back-end analytics to monitor success of the program and proactively identify roadblocks

Quest Diagnostics can support you in all aspects of precision medicine:

  • Test development
  • Assay feasibility
  • Proof of concept and validation
  • Regulatory Strategy, application development and submission
  • Market access strategies
  • Commercial launch

With our experience in oncology, and other therapeutic areas, and leadership in precision medicine, we can be your strategic partner with a comprehensive solution from idea to launch of a companion diagnostic or targeted therapy tests to target your drug to the right population. For a complete list of companion and complementary tests visit our Test Menu.

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