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We know you're dedicated to improving health and quality outcomes. At Quest Diagnostics, we are continuously developing new solutions that will help you find the insights you need to meet or exceed your goals.

Fill data gaps with member-focused actionable analytics

Leveraging our robust member-focused dataset, Quest offers a portfolio of data analytics offerings designed to help you achieve your goals—and stay ahead—throughout the year.

  • Quality Reporting Data offers access to the member data you may need to effectively comply with reporting requirements, reduce costs associated with the retrieval and review process, and minimize gaps in member care
  • Member Insights is a comprehensive lab report with a 2-year historical look-back of new members to help support care coordination strategies and earlier interventions when they often have the most impact

Develop clinical laboratory-focused strategies to improve quality

Clinical labs and their data can be a valuable resource for health plans seeking to improve quality outcomes and quality measurement performance. Laboratory partnerships can assist in tracking, measuring, and improving quality across a member’s health journey, spanning from well and episodic care to chronic and acute illness. Learn more in the white paper “Proactive strategies to improve quality outcomes and quality metric performance through laboratory partnerships.”


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Groundbreaking Innovations from Quest Diagnostics

  • Human genome sequencing work to help personalize disease management
  • First H1N1 test from a commercial US lab
  • ColoVantage®-first plasma-based methylation diagnostic test for colorectal cancer detection
  • Genetics-based testing, such as BRCAvantage™ for breast and ovarian cancer 


Female scientist pipetting DNA samples for testingOffer the broadest test menu

The health of your members depends on diagnosing disease to inform the right interventions. We offer an extensive menu of tests that range from routine to highly specialized genetic and molecular tests. Visit our test directory to see our wide range of innovative testing.




Powering Innovation with Pioneering Research

Our collaborations with top academic and research institutions lead to earlier risk identification and lower long-term costs. Our partners include: 

  • University of California, San Francisco Precision Diagnostics Alliance
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Solid Tumor Genomics Alliance
  • Scripps Atrial Fibrillation Genetics and Wireless Monitoring
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital JUPITER Study, Ion Mobility and VITAL