Medical professional testing

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Medical professional testing

Keeping workplaces healthy and safe by keeping medical professionals drug-free

We rely on our medical professionals to make critical decisions about our health and well-being, and there’s little doubt that those decisions are best made without the influence of alcohol, illicit substances, and prescription drugs.

Medical professionals, by the very nature of their jobs, have access to a number of prescription drugs. Despite their knowledge and extensive training, they are just as at risk for substance abuse as the general public. Because of this potential for drug use, Quest Diagnostics has developed a specialty panel that tests for both illicit drugs, and other drugs that are readily available in settings such as hospitals and medical centers.

Expanded drug testing options
As a leading laboratory, we also support workplace drug testing. The same safety, productivity, and return-on-investment benefits that employers gain from helping to ensure drug and alcohol-free workplaces can also be applied to employers in the healthcare industry. While alcohol, illegal drugs, and some prescription drugs are commonly tested in the employer market, because of their employee’s access to a wider variety of prescription drugs, a number of employers in the healthcare industry leverage the expanded testing benefits of our medical professional panels.
Customized screening programs
Our comprehensive and highly customizable mix of drug and cutoff-level panels enables our healthcare customers to confidently target both illegal ‘street drugs’ and the areas of specific risk based upon access to prescription drugs. These expanded panels are also used by medical schools, pharmacies, addiction recovery centers, and specialists monitoring the sobriety of individuals who have submitted to a state board program in order to retain their professional license.
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