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We recognize how complex patient care can be when providing clinical drug monitoring services. Diverse clinical needs require diverse testing. That’s one of the many reasons why care providers trust us with their patients’ diagnostic needs. We are commited to responsible clinical drug monitoring services that help minimize overtesting, while delivering insights that help you optimize medication adherence and make informed decisions.

Advocacy for better health and patient safety

Quest Diagnostics agrees with the CDC and multiple regulatory and watchdog organizations that drug monitoring is the standard of care when controlled substances are prescribed. A universal, system-wide drug testing process to monitor medication adherence is essential to help ensure patient compliance and identify harmful drug interactions, misuse, abuse, and diversion.

With an industry-leading test menu, fast turnaround time, and enhanced, easy-to-read results via medMATCH® reporting, we can help you efficiently make informed care decisions. Whether you are starting a drug monitoring program, or looking to complement your existing services, see why healthcare professionals trust Quest to be their lab of choice for clinical drug monitoring.

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Discover how our clinical drug monitoring solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of you and your patients and help protect your patients’ health.

One of the industry’s most comprehensive drug testing menus, and the power of fast results, combine with our network of in-house experts to give you the insights you need to take action quickly to optimize patient care.

Why choose Quest for clinical drug monitoring:

  • Extensive test menu covers prescribed, nonprescribed, and illicit substances
  • Our toxicology experts are available to help you with test selection and results consultation through our dedicated Rx Tox line: 1.877.40RXTOX (1.877.407.9869)
  • Our Patient Service Centers, 200+ retail testing locations, and “at-home” collection offering make testing convenient for you and your patients
  • To help control costs, we offer clinically relevant panels, financial assistance programs,  and transparency about prior authorization

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We recognize patients may need access to controlled medications as part of their treatment plan. Drug monitoring can help ensure patient compliance and identify potential drug misuse, while helping to ensure your patients get access to the care they need.

  • Clinical drug testing to monitor patients for adherence to a medication regimen
  • Insights that help identify dangerous drug combinations such as opioids + benzodiazepines + alcohol
  • Definitive testing for confirmation of presumptive positive results and for testing where presumptive tests are not available

Learn how our services meet the needs of pain specialists

Caring for patients in a behavioral health setting requires comprehensive and cost-effective laboratory testing. We can help you optimize your behavioral health practice while allowing you to make more informed patient care decisions and help keep your patients safe.

  • A broad selection of drug tests and panels appropriate for multiple patient audiences, including pain medications, stimulants, sedatives, antidepressants, antipsychotics, other controlled substances, as well as illicit drugs
  • Oral fluid specimen collection available as an alternative to urine for drug testing
  • Complete diagnostic menu for patients with multiple conditions, including infectious disease, women’s and reproductive health, and general health and wellness

Learn how we support the diverse needs of behavioral health providers

Whether you’re looking to start a clinical drug monitoring program or to supplement your existing program with additional testing services, we collaborate with you to bring the answers, services, and support you need to make a difference in your patients’ lives.

We’re helping health systems identify and combat drug misuse via:

  • Definitive drug testing panels, including the most commonly ordered substances. Results for all substances are delivered in 1 report, so you can take action quickly to optimize patient care
  • Flexible and scalable inpatient and outpatient tests to meet the needs of your system
  • Data analysis and insights to guide patient care, population health management, and public policy
    • Hospital trend reporting that benchmarks your population’s prescription compliance against local, regional, and national trends
    • Quarterly usage and positivity reports on a national, regional, and provider level that can help you manage your program 
    • Vast clinical drug monitoring resources—from comprehensive reporting and drug monitoring testing guides to Health Trends® reports, an annual study delivering groundbreaking insights on drug misuse in the United States.

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Drug Misuse in America 2022: A Decade Lost to the Drug Crisis

The drug misuse epidemic shows no signs of abating, with nearly half (49%) of people tested showing evidence of drug misuse in 2021. Our latest Health Trends® report shows that patients everywhere, of every age, are at risk, and it is urgent we identify drug misuse at its earliest stages to help save lives.

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