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Easy to read medMATCH® reports

As an industry leader, Quest is committed to continuous improvement and to providing you with the best drug monitoring experience possible. That’s why we’ve enhanced our medMATCH® reports to better meet your needs. medMATCH reports are simple and intuitive, and designed to provide actionable insights with the goal of easy, “at-a-glance” interpretation.

The reports provide a summary of your patient’s consistent and inconsistent results for prescribed drugs, and also include reporting on nonprescribed, inconsistent drugs. This allows you to have a better view of drugs that your patient is taking, address any noncompliance issues, and be alerted to any potential drug misuse or dangerous drug combinations.

medMATCH reports offer providers an intuitive, streamlined process from ordering to the delivery of the final report

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Quarterly medMATCH trending report available

You can also choose to receive a quarterly report that gives you a summary of your practice’s consistent and inconsistent rates for prescription drug testing. Quarterly reports also allow you to compare the medMATCH rates of your practice to the Quest Diagnostics national database, and track positive results at the drug class and analyte level.

Armed with these insights, we can help you make more informed decisions to protect your patients, your practice, and your community from drug misuse and diversion. 

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We offer a variety of resources to help you maximize medMATCH reporting for your practice, in addition to videos, webinars, industry reports, and test lists to support your clinical drug testing needs.

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