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Living 4myheart®–the personalized patient program

The 4myheart® program is a personalized care platform, designed to help patients improve and maintain heart health. The program is individualized and based on findings from each patient’s Cardio IQ Test. The service provides access to clinical educators who work with the doctor to create a risk-reduction plan that may help patients improve their heart health. Moreover, the website is redesigned to make it patient-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate.


The 4myheart® program includes

Benefits of partnering with clinical educators

Patients have access to clinical educators, who provide support, answer questions related to heart health, and help patients adhere to their treatment plans.

A team of clinical educators incorporate test results and the doctor’s treatment plan to provide patients with counseling and strategies to address and reduce the risk for heart disease and stroke.

Clinical educators can instruct patients on how to:

  • Eat Healthy: showing the right foods to complement the treatment plan
  • Get Moving: choosing the appropriate amount, intensity, and type of exercise
  • Manage Stress: guiding through different stress-relief methods
  • Adhere to Medications: discussing how medications work, why they are needed, and ways to handle side effects