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Employee business networks

As part of our commitment to driving innovation and empowering employees, Quest is proud to support our 11 Employee Business Networks (EBNs). By incorporating the word “business” directly into the name of our family of networks, we make clear the important role these EBNs play in the success of our company.

At Quest Diagnostics, Employee Business Networks are vital to driving Action from Insight©, and all networks are open to all employees. EBNs create a platform to engage new colleagues and senior leaders, support education and advocacy, access leadership development opportunities, drive community involvement, and influence business strategy.

Our EBNs are driven by a 5-pillar strategy that starts with networking and matures to integration into our business strategic resources.

Our family of Employee Business Networks includes:

The African-American Business Leaders (ABL) Employee Business Network was founded to provide African-American employees and their allies unique opportunities to collaborate, develop, and influence.

The Caregivers Employee Business Network was created to provide support for all caregivers and parents in the Quest Diagnostics family, regardless of their area of need.

DiverseAbilities is an open-door network that welcomes all supporters of its mission; whether members self-identify as someone with a disability, have friends or family who have a disability, or are simply interested in learning more.

When you join HealthyQuest, you are investing in you, your family and your colleagues' health and well-being by promoting a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits, raising awareness about health conditions, encouraging physical activity, and promoting emotional vitality and mental well-being.

With a focus on the Hispanic/Latino community, the network aims to support and encourage employees’ understanding of our diverse backgrounds and develop our cultural competency, while helping Quest become a recognized leader in improving the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

The Pan-Asian Leaders (PAL) celebrates Pan-Asian culture across the company while providing Pan-Asian American employees opportunities for collaboration, professional development, and enrichment.

The Pride Employee Business Network at Quest Diagnostics is an all-inclusive resource group for our LGBT employees, straight/cis allies, parents and family members of LGBT individuals.

Quest Community Action Network (QuestCAN) empowers our employees to support their local communities and nonprofits through volunteering, donating goods, and philanthropy.

The Vetera​ns Employee Business Network is on open-door network and an all-inclusive resource group that welcomes all supporters of our mission, whether they be a Veteran, family member of a Veteran, or just wants to support Veterans.

The purpose of Women in Leadership (WIL) is to build and expand our leadership pool, creating a competitive advantage for Quest Diagnostics by enabling women to reach their full potential.  WIL cultivates an effective, diverse, and sustainable organization by building a community of gender diversity and increasing educational and networking opportunities for women.

The Young Professionals Employee Business Network (YoPro) aims to develop the future generation of leaders by providing opportunities to network, collaborate, and develop personal and professional skills.