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Get the clinical decision support your organization needs. Our staff of medical and scientific experts are ready to provide support and share key information to help keep you up-to-date, and quickly connect you to the resources you need—including 600+ MDs and PhDs, and 40+ Genetic Counselors. Together, we can help your physicians select the right test, interpret results, and design patient care plans.

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Connect your clinicians with our medical experts to improve test selection and interpretation.

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Optimize testing with data-driven insights

Lab stewardship solutions help optimize test selection and increase the practice of evidence-based care.

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Let’s work together to advance diagnostics

We regularly collaborate with leading academic institutions to drive diagnostic discovery and innovation—our thought leaders produce over 100 peer-reviewed publications annually. We also have a commitment to clinical support, residency training, and scientific excellence, which drives us to strategically align our medical and scientific leaders with other organizations. Quest collaborations include UMass, UPMC, UCSF, The Johns Hopkins, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, to name a few. Interested in collaborating? Let us know.

Lab infrastructure you can depend on

Clinical decisions depend on more than selecting the right tests. It takes the right tests run in the highest quality lab, the backing of a rock-solid infrastructure that gets the sample to the lab speedily, and return of interpreted results to clinicians as quickly as possible. Our network of esoteric and regional labs means we have a site near you to offer laboratory assistance as an extension of your lab—and a seamless backup protocol in the unlikely event there’s an outage. And our state-of-the-art quality programs designed by medical experts ensure specimen preservation and chain of custody, especially for the most vulnerable patients.

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