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She is Not Skipping a Beat, and Patients are Noticing

At Quest for 2 years, Marissa McGhee, Patient Services Representative (PSR 1) in Stamford, Connecticut, has grown to have a bit of a local following amongst some patients.

Recently, one of those patients shared their experience with Marissa, saying that she “exhibited customer first” during a life insurance paramedical exam.

“Marissa is a warm and familiar voice to many patients. In speaking with others in the waiting room, they say they come to this PSC because of her,” the patient said.

During the “comprehensive” exam, the patient said Marissa “didn’t skip a beat” in taking their diagnostics information.

“When she finished taking my blood pressure, I saw her eyes go ‘!!’ My blood pressure was unusually high, and I started to panic. Calmly, she said we would stop, wait, and take it again. She made me feel comfortable, and we even had a good laugh too,” the patient said.

After Marissa took the person’s blood pressure again it was still high. She then asked if the patient had any coffee or used the stairs on the way in. The patient said they did both, “unconsciously as it’s a habit.”

Marissa then asked if they could reschedule the person’s appointment for the following week and reminded the patient not to drink coffee or walk up the stairs. She then rescheduled the appointment, and the individual went about their day.

“She looked out for me during my visit, and I am sure she takes care of others this way too,” the patient said.

Marissa’s manager, James Cueto, Patient Services Supervisor, North Region, described her as “very reliable” and doing an amazing job working with patients “with the hustle and bustle atmosphere that is Stamford.”

“She has always shown care and empathy with her patients as well as explained the process to them in a way they can easily understand. She is ALWAYS in a positive mood when she comes to work, and she knows how to handle each situation that she is faced with,” James added. “She genuinely cares about each patient that sits in her chair.”

Marissa’s actions are a prime example of demonstrating The Quest Way and many of the behaviors we value at Quest, our 5Cs: Customer First, Curiosity, Care, Collaboration and Continuous Improvement.