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My Quest Story - Lori Ross

For the better part of the last 25 years, I have been a commercial driver. I have driven a school bus, a shuttle bus for a casino, and a refrigerated box truck for Nestle, but—by far—my favorite job has been my current job with Quest Diagnostics.

I had always wanted to work at Quest, as the company really appealed to me. I spoke with Quest drivers while I was at FedEx who confirmed my interest in working here one day. I applied to Quest in March of 2023 for a position as a stat driver. Previously, I was a swing driver for FedEx for more than 20 years, and my knowledge of the Seattle metro area enabled me to easily fit right into the position. I enjoyed my stat status and eventually my bosses let me train on other routes at both the Seattle and Tacoma hubs, which helped me apply for an advanced driver position in May of 2023. I love being an advanced driver as I also train new drivers, and I help with administrative duties with our group lead.

Working with Quest versus my previous job puts into focus the importance of what we do for the patients. What we are transporting at Quest is really important to countless lives, and that makes us feel good.

Additionally, as a Quest team we all help each other. We do small things like print out each other’s route and will-call sheets. Everyone seems concerned about their coworkers. I feel my bosses truly listen to my feedback and concerns. They acknowledge my input, and I feel needed and appreciated. My managers encourage me to learn different things, and I know I am an important part of our advanced team and look forward to my future with Quest Diagnostics.