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My Quest Story - Jennifer Schipper

My Amazing Journey at Quest

My name is Jennifer Schipper, and I am from the small town of Redding, California. It is located at the tip of the Sacramento Valley. In 2018, I endured what seemed like eternal unemployment, having applied to about 100 different positions in the local area, attended 50 interviews, and was no closer to getting a job. I was told I was overqualified and overeducated. So, I signed up with a temp agency who put my name in for a driving position with Quest Diagnostics. In November, I underwent a phone interview with the hiring supervisor, Joe Leyva, and on the Monday following Thanksgiving, I got a call that I had been chosen. I reported to the local hub, where I met the group lead, Dennis Budmark, to start my training.

Within a few weeks of training by my group lead and multiple floats, I learned the policies and procedures of the job and was signed off to work the Redding route. After working the route for a short time, I had the pleasure of meeting my supervisor in person. He said he heard excellent reviews of my training and offered me a part-time position after my temporary contract had finished. I immediately accepted the offer because I was familiar with Quest’s reputation for providing high-quality care to their clients and to patients, I was enjoying the job, and I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. In March of 2019, I became an employee and unofficially started learning to be a float for the Redding and outlying areas. As time went on, I communicated with Joe that I wanted to learn more. He was excited to hear this and said that I would need to move to Sacramento to do so.

And, in September 2020, I did just that! I transferred from Redding to Sacramento and learned stat routes, weekend routes, holiday routes, and even driving the evening shuttle. I moved up through the ranks, being promoted to Specialty RSR. In February 2023, I was offered another opportunity, to not only become an Advanced Trainer RSR, but to be transferred back to my hometown with a special mission. In April 2023 I moved back to the Redding hub with the main goal to create a mountain route, establish a rapport with clients, and train a driver. I accomplished all these things within a short time, and I even received the RSR Employee of the Quarter award for it!

Under the leadership of my current supervisor, Jessica, and my group leaders, Dennis and Ernesto, I’ve been able to learn several routes in the Sacramento Valley, as well as areas up in the northern and northeastern parts of California. Also, my manager, Joe, has encouraged me to earn a graduate degree with the University of Arizona Global Campus. I’m so thankful I’ve been able to do this with the help of the company’s education assistance program. I continue to assist the leadership team with route coverage, vehicle maintenance, and whatever else is needed. Throughout my time with this team, I have witnessed the care and compassion for patients and the dedication given to servicing external and internal clients. I am thankful for God’s sovereignty and provision in my job, blessing me with an amazing leadership team who continue to support me on my career journey at Quest!