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My Quest Story - Jamie Croft

I had always wanted to do something in the medical field ever since I was a child. I had bounced around the idea of being a dental hygienist, medical assistant, and a nurse. I have the heart and drive to help others, so there was no question that the medical field was where I wanted to be.

I was told about an opening in logistics at Quest Diagnostics by a family member and thought it would be a great way to get my foot in the door in the medical field and be that helping hand to others.

I applied for a weekend route position but was offered a stat position that I eagerly took. From there, I was given the chance to learn some routes and how to use the scanners (because only route drivers had scanners), while eventually learning to take calls and input them into the system to help with high demand call times in dispatch.

In my nearly 13 years with Quest, I have been given so many opportunities to learn the various avenues within logistics, working my way from a stat driver all the way to an Advanced RSR.  I couldn’t have asked for a better logistics team over the years, who I not only helped teach but also learned from daily.

I look forward to the future I have with Quest Diagnostics, as I have had some great experiences and support to get to where I am today. I originally may have had ideas of becoming a dental hygienist or a nurse, but I still found a home in the healthcare industry helping people, and I believe I am where I need to be.