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Logistics Career Progression - Tejah Roberson

From scanning requisitions in Processing to Logistics Supervisor
16 years at Quest
Great Midwest Region - Denver, Colorado

Q: What did you initially want out of your career?
I wanted stability from an organization I could trust and grow with. It wasn't about a specific role I wanted to achieve. I just wanted to work hard, find security, and make a difference.

Q: How has what you wanted changed over the years?
As I continue to grow and learn, I realized I am a people leader. I spent years as a group leader in processing and found success working with others and being of service. I like leadership and I have been leading a team in the logistics department for the last year.

Q: Did you ever take any risks with taking on a new role, and were you encouraged to move into different roles or did you move on your own?
I took a huge risk moving from my previous role in processing to a new leadership role in Logistics. The risk is associated with my lack of experience and acumen in the Logistics field. When I considered the role, the Logistics manager made sure I felt comfortable and encouraged to apply. I want to continue my growth as a leader and progress my career as much as possible.

Q: What tools or offerings from Quest did you utilize to help you in your career progression? (tuition reimbursement, EMPower trainings, etc)
Experience has been key. Up until I became a group leader in the logistics department, I relied on my interpersonal skills and natural leadership ability to find success as a leader. I am currently in my 5th month of LQSMA, and I find it rewarding and beneficial. I am also planning on revisiting my college education in the near future.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who desires more from their current career?
Always get with your supervisor or manager and express your desire to grow. Be engaged in whatever you do, be of service, and don't be afraid to jump in and be an owner.

Q: Which of our 5Cs do you connect with most, and why? (Customer First, Care, Collaboration, Continuous Improvement, Curiosity)
Care and collaboration come to mind first and foremost. Coming from a processing background, I have an innate ability to provide care to all I do. I also really enjoy working with others to find solutions to problems.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share?
I would like to thank my current management for helping me blossom in my current role and progressing my career. I also am thankful for my previous manager for showing me how to be a leader to others.