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Brochures and resources

Quest Diagnostics offers reliable workplace drug testing, an extensive collection site network, and personal service and support. As your drug testing provider, we will help you choose the right test and timing to optimize your program's success. Contact us to start drug testing today.

Alcohol testing

Choose the best specimen type for alcohol testing for your workforce. Download our brochure.

Collection services 

Learn more about our comprehensive network of collection sites for workplace drug testing. Download our brochure.

Collection site infographic

See our network of drug testing collection sites, offering unparalleled access nationwide. Download our infographic

Common drugs of abuse

Get the facts about the most common drugs of abuse. Download our guide.

Complete line of drug testing solutions

Learn more about the comprehensive suite of workplace drug testing products and services offered by Quest Diagnostics. Download our brochure

Drug testing solutions at-a-glance

Compare the benefits of lab-based urine, instant urine, oral fluid, and hair testing to select the specimen type that best meets your program goals. Download our matrix.

Electronic Custody and Control Forms (eCCF) 

Go paperless with eCCF and improve accuracy, save time, and simplify the drug testing process from collection to result. Download our eCCF brochure.

Employer Solutions Portal (ESP) 

Learn more about ESP, our online drug testing portal designed to increase efficiencies for our clients. Download our ESP brochure.

Express Results™

Speed up urine testing with an instant device that provides results within minutes of a collection. Download our brochure.

Express Results™ Online

Screen for up to 11 drugs in minutes using an instant urine drug test solution exclusively from Quest. Download our brochure.

Hair drug testing

Expand your drug detection ´╗┐window to up to 90 days using hair testing. Download our brochure.

Hair drug testing: Specimen collection guide

Learn how to collect hair specimens for workplace drug testing. Download our step-by-step guide.

International drug testing 

Partner with Quest for global collection options and worldwide drug testing solutions. Download our brochure.

Medical professional panels 

Include comprehensive drug testing of healthcare professionals to your program. Download our brochure.

On-site drug test collections 

Add convenience, simplify logistics, and reduce employee downtime with our on-site drug testing collection services. Download our brochure.  

Online solutions for drug testing

Optimize your drug testing program using technology solutions and integrations from Quest. Download our brochure

Oral-Eze® oral fluid drug testing

Choose Oral-Eze to detect recent drug use, especially marijuana, using an observed collection. Download our brochure.

Oral-Eze® oral fluid testing: Specimen collection guide

Learn how to collect an oral fluid specimen for workplace drug testing. Download our step-by-step guide.

Random drug testing 

Add random drug testing to your program to deter drug use in the workplace. Download our brochure.

Synthetic drugs 

Get the facts about drug testing for synthetic stimulants and cannabinoids. Download our brochure.


Browse our library of on-demand webinars to boost your alcohol and drug testing IQ. Watch a webinar

White papers and case studies 

Read in-depth analysis and information about topics important to the drug and alcohol testing industry. See our library.