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Tick-borne Illness A Panel Discussion About Emerging Diagnostics Insights - 2022

Tick-borne Illness: 

A Panel Discussion About Emerging Diagnostic Insights - 2022

On-demand Webinar


Listen to a panel discussion from Quest Diagnostics on tick-borne illness, including the serious health risks of undetected illness, why modified two-tier testing (MTTT) for Lyme disease may be more advantageous than standard two-tier testing (STTT), and which tests are appropriate in certain clinical scenarios.


The objectives of this webinar include:


•  Understanding the difference between MTTT and STTT for Lyme disease


•  Understanding the value of using Quest panels to help differentiate and account for coinfection


• Differentiating when to use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) versus serology testing


•  Reviewing current improvements to tick-borne disease testing and new tests


P.A.C.E. credits, click here, will be available to participating laboratory professionals who attend the webinar and complete the post evaluation. P.A.C.E credit expires on 12/14/2022.



Jun 14, 2022
Virtual (on-demand) - LIVE Webinar
Dr Meghan Starolis, Dr Tara Givens, and Dr Robert Jones

Meghan Starolis, PhD

Tara S. Givens, PhD

Robert S. Jones, DO, MS, FACP, FIDSA, CPE