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Tick-borne Illness A Panel Discussion About Emerging Diagnostics Insights - 2022

Tick-borne Illness: A Panel Discussion About Emerging Diagnostic Insights - 2022

On-demand Webinar


Listen to a panel discussion from Quest Diagnostics on tick-borne illness, including the serious health risks of undetected illness, why modified two-tier testing (MTTT) for Lyme disease may be more advantageous than standard two-tier testing (STTT), and which tests are appropriate in certain clinical scenarios.


The objectives of this webinar include:

 •  Understanding the difference between MTTT and STTT for Lyme disease

 •  Understanding the value of using Quest panels to help differentiate and account for


 •  Differentiating when to use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) versus serology testing

 •  Reviewing current improvements to tick-borne disease testing and new tests


Jun 14, 2022
Virtual (on-demand)
Dr Meghan Starolis, Dr Tara Givens, and Dr Robert Jones