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Surviving Somatic Sequencing: a Straightforward Start to a Strange Space

The objectives of this webinar include:

•  Examine current practice and guidelines in somatic oncology NGS testing

•  Analyze challenges in somatic oncology NGS testing

•  Evaluate the role of the genetic counselor in somatic and germline testing




Nov 16, 2021
on-demand webinar

Mark Kruzel, MD, Associate Medical Director, Quest Diagnostics

Rebecca Johnson, MS, CGC, Genomic Science Specialist, Genomic Service, Quest Diagnostics


Kate L. Wilson, MS, CGC, Senior Product Director, Solid Tumors, Quest Diagnostics
Mark Kruzel, MD                                                                                                                      
Rebecca Johnson, MS, CGC                                                                                                                                                                                         

Moderated by: Kate Wilson, MS, CGC