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Moving in the Fast Lane: Test Design and Validation to Produce Up-to-Date Hereditary Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Tests

SABCS 2020:  San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 
Virtual [in-person conference canceled], Dec 8-12, 2020

Moving in the fast lane: test design and validation to produce up-to-date hereditary breast and gynecologic cancer tests

Authors: Angeloni TG, Bhattacharya A, Cheng LL, Chong HK, Conlan KM, Elzinga CD, Gerasimova A, Grover D, Grupe A, Hua M, Hodko D, Kazmierkiewicz K, Nakles RE, Nery CR, Owen R, Root DM, Rowland CM, Smolgovsky A, Weltmer EC, Zhang K, Lacbawan FL

Specialties: oncology, women's health, OB/GYN